10 Worst Universities In Nigeria

Do you want to know the worst Universities in Nigeria?

The list of Nigeria’s worst universities is based on the world ranking.

Furthermore, having the worst university does not necessarily imply that the institution is particularly bad; it does, however, imply that employers are less likely to hire graduates from these institutions.

In light of this, just because it is the worst institution does not mean it has the worst teaching techniques or teachers; as I previously stated, people often hold negative perceptions of them due to their past or lack of popularity.

This is why you should not attempt to enroll at any of these institutions.

On the other hand, you may go to one of Nigeria’s greatest universities and still take the worst course. It makes no difference whether you attend the worst university.

The ten worst universities in Nigeria include:

Christopher University

Christopher University made the list because of its unpopularity, it is the final university on the list of Nigeria’s worst universities. Unlike the other universities on the list, the university is well-known for its academic excellence.

The university is known for offering a diverse range of undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Dominican University

The Dominican University in Ibadan, Oyo State, is among the top universities in the country.

The university is a Nigerian private institution that offers a wide range of undergraduate programs.

The great majority of courses are either not National Universities Commission-accredited.

As a result, it is not recommended for anyone aspiring to a higher academic position. As a result, it ranks on the list of Nigeria’s worst universities to attend.

Kwarafa University

Kwarafa University is another one of the worst universities in Nigeria to attend. The majority of top courses are not recognized, which is one of the causes of why it’s so terrible.

What is the point of going to school if there are no classes to take?

Clifford University

Clifford University is ranked number seven. The Ministry of Education has only recently chartered Clifford University. It is recognized as Nigeria’s 7th worst university.

Despite the fact that it is a well-known private university in Nigeria. The majority of the courses given at the school are not accredited, which has had a negative influence on the school.

Eastern Palm University

Eastern Palm University is ranked number six. Eastern Palm University is a Nigerian university that combines public and private funding

There are a lot of approved courses.

Eastern Palm University is in the Nigerian state of Nigeria.

Dominican University

The Dominican Republic is ranked fifth on the list. Ibadan, Oyo State, is home to Dominican University. The university is a private institution in Nigeria that provides a variety of undergraduate programs.

The bulk of approved courses is not university-accredited.

Accounting, Economics, Business Administration, Criminology, MassCommunication, Geography, Biology, Computer Science, Statistics, Political Science and International Science, Public Administration, and Sociology are just a few of the subjects available at the university.

Okija’s Legacy University

Okija is home to Legacy University. The institution is also accredited by theNational Universities Commission (NUC) as a private university, with most of the programs still awaiting accreditation.

The university now offers 19 undergraduate majors. The number of postgraduate courses available at the university is unknown at this time.

As a result, it is Nigeria’s fourth-worst university

Hezekiah University

The school was designated as one of Nigeria’s worst universities due to poor teaching methods and a lack of adequate learning materials. In addition, the vast majority of the University’s courses are unaccredited.

Because of the nature of the academic teaching they provide, this institution is considered one of Nigeria’s worst schools. When compared to the traditional educational structure, their pupil performs poorly.

Nneochi Spiritan University

Spiritan University is ranked second on the list.

The school was designated one of Nigeria’s worst universities due to poor teaching methods and a lack of adequate learning materials. In addition, the vast majority of the University’s courses are unaccredited.

Eko University of Medical and Health Sciences

The worst university in Nigeria is Eko University of Medical and Health Sciences.

The school is classified as a private institution by the National University Commission. The majority of the courses offered at the school, however, are not accredited, which has had a negative impact on the school.

Medicine, Human Anatomy, Medical Biochemistry, Pharmacology, and more programs are available at the institution. In addition, the institution is currently offering a few postgraduate programs.

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