Why Do Advertisers Use Testimonials?

Why Do Advertisers Use Testimonials? Have you observed the frequent use of testimonials during Advertisements? I guess your answer is as accurate as mine. “Yes.”


The question is; why do advertisers use Testimonials? In this article, I will answer this important question and highlight the benefits of testimonials to your business. Keep reading”

Let’s start with an explanation of what a testimonial is.

What are Advertising Testimonials?

User-generated content about a product or brand is known as testimonials. Advertisers rely on testimonials to prove that their product or service is excellent.

Customers are your most valuable asset as a company. Consumers who are satisfied can refer new customers to you without spending money on marketing.


A testimonial might be anything from:

  • Testimonial video
  • Testimonial text
  • Testimonial from an influential person
  • Testimonial of a Success

Let’s take a look at each of them individually.

Testimonial Video

A video testimonial is extremely valuable to a company since it cannot be faked. However, a written testimonial (more on that later).

When a customer comments about a product in a video, praising its features and benefits, this is a video testimonial.

It’s tough to ignore someone who shares a video that speaks directly to the viewer. As a result, prospects are more likely to believe and trust such testimonials.


Videos are aesthetically beautiful and intriguing. Consumers of content spend significantly more time watching videos than reading text.

Testimonials in Text

The most prevalent types of testimonials are text testimonials. Everyone utilizes them to establish themselves as credible firm, from startups to major enterprises.

Text testimonies are also relatively simple to obtain. Unlike a video testimonial, your consumers do not need to pick up a camera and speak into it.

As a result, less work is required, allowing you to obtain more positive feedback from your customers.

Showing the customer’s face and other characteristics, together with a connection to their identity, if possible, is the greatest approach to highlight a text testimonial. This gives it a realistic appearance, allowing you to gain the trust of your prospects.

Testimonials from Influencers

These days, influencer marketing is one of the most effective tactics. Influencers have a large following in a specific speciality or business.

Their audience has faith in them. As a result, when they give a product testimonial, most of their viewers are likely to try it.

Testimonials of Success

Research suggests that 90% of consumers trust customers more than the business. This means even if what you say about your product is true; it’ll be more believable when it comes from a customer.

Why Do Advertisers Use Testimonials?

Because they provide celebrity endorsement, advertisers use testimonials to influence customers.

What Are the Benefits of Testimonials?

Consumers are more likely to buy from companies they recognize and believe in. Social evidence is maybe the most successful approach for generating trust.

You must, however, provide excellent service to earn your clients’ trust. Their good feedback might make or ruin your company.

What Are the Benefits for Advertisers?

Customer testimonials provide more than just a technique of earning trust in advertising. Here are some more benefits:

Advertisers feel valued when they enquire about a testimonial from an existing customer. It’s a way of showing individuals that their opinions are important. Advertisers can use this to build a relationship with their present consumers.

Advertisers successfully obtain client testimonials using these tactics.

Let’s have a look at what they are.


This is the most common and effective method for getting a consumer to write a testimonial. Advertisers will ask them to share their experience with your goods a few days after they’ve purchased them.

Testimonials in Depth

While you should make the process as simple as possible for your customers, getting a full testimonial is a fantastic idea. A brief one will not provide prospective clients with enough information about your product.

As an advertiser, sending over a brief but detailed Q&A is the best way to go about it.


Despite being happy with your product, most of your customers might not want to take out the time to write a testimonial.

What advertisers do is that they offer them an incentive in return for a testimonial—for instance, a 10% off if they review your product.

What You Will Miss If You Don’t Use Them?

Your existing customers are an asset. You can leverage them to attract more customers without spending too much of your marketing budget. Using customer testimonials is the best way to achieve that.

As an advertiser, if you don’t use them, you’d be missing out on one of the most impactful marketing strategies out there.


Advertisers use testimonials to persuade consumers because they provide celebrity endorsements.

Existing clients can be a great marketing advantage if you have any kind of business.

You may not only attract more customers to your business by using client testimonials, but you can do so at a low cost.


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