When is NECO Examination Starting | 2023 Update 

The National Examination Council, or NECO, has announced the start date for registration for the 2023 Senior Secondary School Certificate Exams. The NECO Portal provides access to the registration form.


If you are a student looking for information on the NECO online Registration Form price, start date, deadline, and how to register for the tests successfully, read this post carefully.

To register for NECO exams, go to Registration is available both online and at secondary schools in your area.

Is NECO Form 2023 available?

NECO Form has been released by the National Examination Council. The council’s management has announced the registration deadline for the NECO 2023 exams.

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When does NECO registration for the year 2023 begin?

Many individuals want to know if the NECO June/July Registration form is available. It is also necessary to consider the registration start date in order to prepare adequately for the registration and examination.

ATTENTION! NECO RESULTS! The National Examination Council executive board, NECO SSCE, has set the registration date for the exams, which will begin on March 30th and end on June 21st, 2022.

What is the cost of a NECO Registration Form 2023?

The Registration form cost is now available, and those interested in taking the exam should go to any of the accessible Registration Centers to register.

Or both internal and external SSCE applicants, the amount expected to be paid is Twelve Thousand Naira (N12,000). This is a one-time fee that cannot be refunded.

Internal Candidates must pay their fees via bank draft or to the school management. Other places where you can make a payment are:


When is the deadline for NECO Registration 2023?

When they learn the date for the registration to begin, some people get very tranquil. This is completely incorrect; all registrations are anticipated to be completed before the deadline.

The deadline for NECO registration is June 21, 2023. Make every effort to complete your registration before this deadline.

How to Apply for NECO Exams in 2023

Candidates can register for the SSCE at an approved secondary school near them or at any approved registration centers and offices.

Internal Candidates: How to Register for NECO SSCE Online:

Visit to register for NECO exams.

Select “Go to SSCE Internal Site” from the drop-down menu.

Username, Password, and Operator ID must all be entered.

To access the registration dashboard, click Login.

How to Apply for NECO SSCE at Approved Centers:

Moved to the centers with all the necessary items and completed your registration as directed by the management.

Steps to Register as an External NECO Candidate:

Visit to register for NECO exams.

Select “Go to SSCE External Site” from the drop-down menu.

Username, Password, and Operator ID must all be entered.

To access the registration dashboard, click Login.

Associated Issues

Is WAEC Registration Open For 2023/2024?

The WAEC registration/form for Nigeria’s academic year 2023/2024 is now available.

This signifies that registration for WASSCE 2023/2024 has begun.

Please be aware that WAEC 2023/2024 exams will begin on May 5, 2022.

When Will Registration For WAEC 2023 Begin? 

In Nigeria, WAEC has set February 2, 2023 as the latest start date for selling WASSCE registration forms for 2022-2023.

This means that on February 2, 2023, the 2023 WAEC Form will be available for purchase at

Furthermore, WAEC will begin registration for 2023 on February 2, 2023.

WAEC Registration Ends in 2023 Date

Deadline/Closing Date:

The West African Examinations Council, WAEC, has set the 25th of February 2023 as the final deadline for the sale of WASSCE Registration forms for the years 2022-2023.

Is WAEC a difficult or difficult exam?

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) is not a tough exam to pass if you prepare carefully.

The WAEC examination is not tough to pass if you prepare properly.

In truth, WAEC is one of the most straightforward exams in Nigeria.

What Is the WAEC Registration Fee in 2022?

The official cost of registering for WAEC is 8,000 Naira (N18,000)

However, a budget of $20,000 will be sufficient for all registrants.


If you want to register for NECO, please follow the steps outlined on this page.

If you have any queries about the NECO Registration Form rules, please express them in the comments area below. You must also spread the word about this post to your friends.


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