What’s New on Amazon Prime Video – November 2023

Now that we have moved on from the spooky Halloween season, we are headed toward the chilly winter days. We all know what this means – more movie nights tucked in blankets and as warm as possible.

But this also brings in the dilemma of what to watch. If you have a Prime Video subscription, then you have landed at the right place. Here, we have a list of all the titles released on the streaming platforms this November and what you can watch.

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Reliable online connectivity, and smooth streaming, what more do you want? Once you are sorted with the right internet service provider, you can watch new content online without worrying about buffering issues.

Now, without delay, let’s dive in and find out which titles to watch on Prime Video.

1. American Horror Story (Season 10)

American Horror Story (Season 10)

If you are into crazy scary horror content (and if you are okay with several of them being based on a true story), then American Horror Story is the one for you.

Season 10 of the series is divided into two different stories. Each is more disturbing than the other in some way.

You will have to watch yourself and embark on the journey of a couple moving to a new place and a group of college friends.

2. Black Light

Black Light

This Liam Neeson starrer movie is absolutely worth a watch. The plotline is about a government agent named Travis Block (Liam Neeson) who has no choice but to face his history at the job.

Block finds himself in the sights of the FBI director he once worked to defend when he learns of a conspiracy targeting residents of the United States.

3. Downtown Abbey: A New Era

Downtown Abbey: A New Era

We are sure you have heard about the very famous Downtown Abbey series available on several streaming platforms.

The TV series garnered a good reputation among viewers, and we got two movies too. The latest is Downtown Abbey: A New Era.

The Crawley family finds its way to the South of France to visit the countess’s inherited villa. From the beginning of the splendor journey till the end, it is a ride for all.

4. The Peripheral

The Peripheral

This new TV series starring Chloe Grace as the lead actor names Flynn Fisher has gained much popularity.

The show is based on a sci-fi mystery thriller novel. Flynn learns that she has a hidden connection to another reality and a bleak future of her own in this futuristic story, which is set in a time when technology has gradually changed society.

5. The Northman

The Northman

Are you interested in action adventure? If yes, then The Northman has to be your next watch.

This thriller takes you on a journey that examines the lengths to which a Viking prince will go to avenge his father’s death. A revenge story that must not be missed.

6. Goodnight Oppy

Goodnight Oppy

Documentaries are not everyone’s type, but this one might change your mind and is worth a try. The documentary is about Opportunity, a Mars Exploration Rover that is also named ‘Oppy.’

The rover was assumed to only survive 90 days on Mars, but it explored the planet for 15 YEARS! How amazing is that? Everything we know today about the planet is all due to Oppy.  

More Title Mentions

Below is the list of some Blast From The Past titles that will become part of Prime Video’s library.

2 Days in the ValleyAnimal Kingdom (S6)
Arthur ChristmasBlack Rain
Miami BluesHitman
The MachinistHitman (Uncut)
Tooth Fairy 2Down to Earth
Things We Lost In The FireThe Relic
Once Upon A Time In The WestJust Wright
Heaven’s GateHigh Fidelity
Black RainConan O’Brien Can’t Stop
Domestic DisturbanceJacob’s Ladder
American GigoloA Christmas Carol
Angel Falls ChristmasAngry Angel


That is all from our side! Watch these new titles available on Prime Video now, and let us know in the comments below if you have any further recommendations.

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