What Two Colors Make Red

You probably learned about colors in elementary school and that colors like Red, Green, and Blue make up primary colors, and when these colors are combined, they make up new colors known as secondary colors like purple, yellow, and orange.

Let’s look at Red as a primary color for instance, have you ever wondered what two colors make Red? Well, in this article we’ll profile the color red and we’ll find out if two colors can be combined to get red.

What Does Red Mean?

We all know that colors affect and depict emotions and none more so than Red.

Red exudes vibrance and boldness so it is arguably the most, if not the most popular color among artists.

While we are not always conscious of how a color makes us feel, color can influence our moods in many ways.

The feelings that people associate with red largely depend on the hue of red and what culture it appears in. Red has been used to depict, heat, fire passion, love, strength, dominance, and danger.

What Two Colors Make Red

Red is a primary color so you cannot mix your own pure red. But, there are numerous shades of red you can produce by mixing two colors.

What are they?

Yellow and Cyan.

Yes. You can make red by mixing those two.

This video explains how to go about it


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