What Color Does Red and Purple Make

Colors add more meaning to our lives.

Recently we talked about “What Do Green and Yellow Make” as part of our color series and today we’ll be looking at red and yellow.

Have you ever asked yourself: “What does red and yellow make?” In this article, we’ll be discussing just that!

Enter Red

Red exudes vibrance and boldness so it is arguably the most, if not the most popular color among artists.

Red has been used to depict, heat, fire passion, love, strength, dominance, and danger.

Meet Purple

Purple is a color that symbolizes royalty, mystery, and spiritualism. Purple is considered precious, regal, and delicate.

The color purple is created when blue and red are mixed together.

What Color Does Red and Purple Make?

Red and purple are two different colors, but each sit close to the other on the color wheel.

But while you might not see them used together very often in designs, when mixed they produce a unique and pleasing color – Magenta!

Although the results might vary depending on the concentration of the individual colors —more red or more purple and what medium they’re mixed in.

Meaning of Magenta

  • Magenta was developed during the industrial chemical industry revolution in the mid-nineteenth century. Today, it has an important place in the world of design. It’s a striking and popular color, often used in color printing, web design, painting, fashion, and interior design.
  • Originally known as fuchsine, magenta was renamed to commemorate the Italian-French War, which was won during the Battle of Magenta due to its location near a small town known as Magenta in Lombardy, Italy.
  • In the US, magenta is associated with uniqueness, unconventional thinking, and memorability. A shade of magenta is incorporated into the logos of businesses like Taco Bell and Adobe as both companies encourage creative thinking.
  • In the 1980s, magenta was called electric magenta when it was used for computer displays.
  • In the fields of spirituality and metaphysics, magenta is often associated with psychic abilities and a connection to other worlds. Many believe that magenta can boost a person’s connection to their spiritual side and unlock underlying psychic capabilities.


I hope this post on what colors red and purple make was instructive. Did you try mixing both colors? Share your results in the comment section, we’d love to hear from you.

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