Different Ways Of Obtaining Scholarships to Study in London

There are different ways of obtaining scholarships to study in London. In this article, we will be exploring some of those opportunities.


London has become a leading hub for international students with a high-quality educational system, multicultural environment, and lovely atmosphere. Each year, London accepts around 450,000 students from all over the world.

Here are Different Ways Of Obtaining Scholarships to Study in London

Obtaining  Scholarships to Study in London

How Will You Find a Scholarship in London

Universities in London are known for offering many scholarships for international students every year. These scholarships may be partial or complete, partial or full for tuition fees. Some scholarships may also cover living expenses throughout your study time.

So what is the right path to find scholarships that fit you perfectly? Each scholarship opportunity has unique requirements and selection processes, so it is a good idea to research different student scholarships before submitting applications.


What Are the Types of Scholarships in London?

The secret behind choosing the right scholarship is to know the exact details of different types of scholarships for students.

This will help you understand their functions and decide which ones to request. Here is a list of scholarships and their different types:

Full scholarships

This is the most popular form of scholarship for international students because it covers their tuition fees and the cost of living.

Full scholarships for international students are usually very competitive, with many students enrolling. Moreover, full scholarships are for the most exemplary students.

Partial Scholarships

Partial scholarships for international students can cover all or part of your tuition fees. They usually do not cover the cost of living.


Country-Specific Scholarships

There are scholarships for students from specific countries. You must carefully examine the eligibility criteria to ensure you meet the requirements before submitting your scholarship applications.

Some scholarships are unique to courses if you plan to follow the course.

External scholarships

Some governments and local sponsors offer international students scholarships to help students from their countries. They also give loans to students as part of an external scholarship.

Here Are Some Useful Tips to Keep In Mind Before Starting Your Research on Scholarships in London

  • British scholarships can be awarded on financial needs, academic skills, or both factors.
  • Most scholarships only receive applications from students who have already been given a place in a course at a university.
  • Start your research and application process as early as possible, as most universities apply for the scholarship deadline early in the year.

List of UK Public Funds for International Students

here is a list of UK grants funded by the government for international students:

British Chevening scholarships

These British scholarships are funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and its counterparts, aimed at developing world leaders. British embassies and high commissions worldwide select the students for this scholarship.

Marshall Scholarships

This postgraduate scholarship is offered to students from the United States who have shown academic merits, leadership opportunities, and ambassadorial potential in the past. However, this scholarship does not cover the costs of courses such as MBA degrees.

Commonwealth scholarships for the development of Commonwealth countries

This includes Master’s and PhD scholarships to help international students from developing countries follow higher education.

Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme

These scholarship programs are for international students from Commonwealth countries. The Commonwealth Shared UK Scholarships are  for courses in these areas:

  • Science and technology for development
  • Strengthening healthcare systems and capacity
  • Worldwide prosperity promotion
  • Global peace, security, and governance
  • Increasing the response to crises, or
  • Access, opportunities, and inclusion

List of Non-governmental Scholarships in the UK for International Students Around the World

Euraxess UK

This scholarship for international students is the European Commission’s initiative to support European researchers.

The British Council manages the British branch of the Euraxess UK stock exchange programs. They offer a wide range of graduate scholarships to international students.

CastleSmart Scholarship

Estate Agent Every year, CastleSmart offers an undergraduate scholarship of £ 6,000 to one student in the UK. When you send a scholarship application to this program, you must create an immersive YouTube video with your study and career plans.

African Students

Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship Program

This is a needs-based UK scholarship for African international students.

Students From China

China Center Chinese Student Awards in Great Britain

These PhD scholarships are for Chinese students who want to graduate in a random subject at a British university, with maximum funding of £3,000.

Students From Armenia

The Luys Scholarship Program

These scholarship programs grant loans or scholarships to students from Armenia, enabling them to study at top British universities such as Oxford and Cambridge.

Students From France

Entente Cordiale Scholarships

These UK scholarships are for French students who want to follow postgraduate courses in the UK.

Students From India

Saltire scholarships

These scholarship programs are for students from Canada, India, the USA, Pakistan, and Hong Kong, allowing them to follow an education at any level in the UK.

Charles Wallace Trust Scholarships

These UK scholarships are for doctoral and research students and guest visitors from India and Pakistan.

What Are the Requirements to Obtain Scholarships in London?

These are some of the eligibility criteria for international students to apply for British scholarship programs:

  • Applicants must register for a course at an undergraduate or postgraduate level.
  • Applicants must meet the academic capacities of the program for which they register.
  • Some scholarships require that applicants reach a certain minimum or maximum age.
  • You must present a TOEFL or IELTS score that meets the minimum requirement specified by the specific scholarship program.
  • Students must meet this requirement.

How Can You Apply for Scholarships in London

Most universities have exhibition hours before the start of the course. Here are the steps you can follow to find and apply for the perfect scholarships:

  • Choose your course: There is a Study London course database available where you can research and select courses you may want to follow.
  • University profile control: after limiting your options, examine universities with courses of interest and read in detail about the profiles of the universities.
  • University scholarships: research the scholarships offered by your university universities and check if you are eligible.
  • Course application: You must generally apply for a course and get a place before submitting your scholarship applications.


The best types of scholarships are open to students from all over the world. One of the most important higher education institutions offering scholarships for selected undergraduate and postgraduate international students is in London.

We hope that gives you insight into the scholarships you can apply for.

Congratulations in advance.


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