The Easiest Ways Of Getting A US Non-immigrant Visa

In this article, I’ll point out the steps in getting a United State of America non -immigrant Visa, and this is based on experience. This kind of Visa Application is know as a Non-immigrant Visa, and the Visa class is B1/B2.

First thing , in getting an American (US Visa) School, Job, or Travel Visa, one need to note down the following steps that I’m about putting down.

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If you want to get a U.S School, Conference, Job or maybe a travel Visa, i.e you want to go for summer or visitation. This Visa Class is called a B1/B2 application.

What to do next is to visit the US Embassy website to apply online and if you are successful, then you’ll be asked to go pay the B1/B2 Interview Fee of  64,000 in only GT Bank and after which a date will be set aside for your interview.

For Nigerians, the location will either be in Lagos or in Abuja depending on the one you chose.

And for other African countries, Asian, Philippines, etc the interview location is based on where the American Embassy is located in your country.

I’ll advised all applicants to make use of a good and qualified agent that knows his or her job very well so they will put your through in all the steps one after the other.

The Agent Duties:

1. The agent will be the one to apply for you online, you so you don’t get disqualified in certain areas.

2. The Agent will be the one to get a conference letter directly from the US sent to you via email by the organisation, that is if you are going for a conference. Same applies for school and jobs also.

It’s also agent’s duty to make sure the school you applied for sends you an admission letter to your mail.

3. It’s the agents duty to crosscheck all your papers to make sure they are all intact. Ranging from Passport, Bank Account Details, and every other documents you submitted to the US Embassy.

4. It’s the agent’s duty to follow up your application to the very end to make sure nothing goes bad during and after the application.

5. The agent must make sure your reservation is confirmed in the US. That js the hostel reservation if you don’t have a family in the US. The reservation must be printed out and handed over to you because you’ll go with it to the embassy during your interview.

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6. The Agent must make sure that your appointment is confirmed and printed out. And you must go with the appointment confirmation form that carries all your details on it. This ranges from your name, passport number, etc.

Most agents always guide their clients and get them ready for the interview by coaching the How To respond to questions asked by the interviewer.

8. The Agent must make sure your account statement is printed out accordingly because it will be needed during the interview if you are a worker or a business man or woman.

Here are the frequently asked US Non-immigrant Visa Application Question.

1. What’s your name

2. Are you married

3. What do you do for a living

4. Have you traveled before

5. Do you have kids and if yes, how old are they.

6. Where are going to in the US

7. What’s the purpose of your visits to the US.

8. What do you do, where do you work, are you working. And if the answer is yes:

9. What do you do for your company (your duties).

10. How long do you intend to stay in the US.

11. Have you made any Reservations/Arrangements.

12. Your kids are quite young, who do you intend to leave them with.

13. If we grant you this Visa, how do we know you are coming back.

Now this 13 questions looks easy but they are tactical. When answering them, you need to be careful and not make mistakes. Mistakes are forbidden in this interview.

If along the line, you didn’t hear what the interviewer is saying due to the way they speak, please ask them to repeat the question in a good manner.

All non-immigrant applicants should bear in mind that these questions might not come according to the way is been listed above, one might come before the other. Eg, number 5 might be the number 1 question they will ask you. It all depends on the interviewer and how he or she throws the question at you.

But the most important thing is that you study all the questions listed out properly and get use to them.

Don’t forget that all the interviewers are qualified and born psychologist and they know when one is telling lies. So compose yourself very well when answering these questions. Do your best to remove tension and be focused when answering.

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Be true to yourself and remain calm.

Don’t also forget that he that fails to plan, has already plan to fail.
So before you apply for a US non-immigrant Visa, get yourself properly ready in all ramifications.

Everything must correspond and no mistakes has to be made. One needs to be careful of little mistakes.

Aside getting your international passport ready, and paying for the B1/B2 interview ticket, that qualifies you to go for the interview in the American Embassy either in Abuja or in Lagos, one has to get other things ready like:

For study Visa: The school will have to send your admission letter to your mail and sometimes you might be asked to pay a partly tuition fee before the admission letter can be sent to you. The reason is because many applicants tend to ignore the admission once they get to the US.

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In my next article, I’ll be writing on same topic but in a different dimension.

I’ll show you guys how the forms and what the documents looks like, and How to arrange the forms accordingly and documents before entering the US Embassy for the interview. The documents that comes first before the other.

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