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List of Universities in Kwara State (2023)

Ever wondered about the universities in Kwara? We will show you the list of universities in Kwara, including their location.

If you reside in this state and you are looking for schools in the state to attend, then this post is for you. Ensure you relax and carefully check them to pick your choice.

This article contains the list of universities in Kwara State in Nigeria.

List of Federal Universities in Kwara

University of Ilorin


University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) was founded in 1975. The University is located in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.

The University is an internationally recognized institution officially recognized and accredited by NUC, the National Universities Commission of Nigeria.

The University of Ilorin, frequently referred to as the best institution in Nigeria, is a university the federal government funds and owns.

UNILORIN’s Mission is “To provide a world-class environment for learning, research, and community service.”

For more information about UNILORIN not mentioned here, visit the school’s official website @https://www.unilorin.edu.ng.

List of State Universities in Kwara

Kwara State University, Ilorin


Kwara State University, popularly known as KWASU, was founded in 2009 by Dr. Bukola Saraki’s government with the goal of being more than just another university in Nigeria. The university recognizes itself as a part of a community.

KWASU is the 77th university the Nigerian Universities Commission (NUC) registered. It is also the 95th university to be recognized in Nigeria. It was designed to be a center for community service and entrepreneurship.

It has the position of a Director for Community Development to mobilize the community, set assessment strategies, and identify the needs within the community so that lecturers can use their expertise to impact the communities directly.

The current vice chancellor of the university is Johnson Adewumi.

Visit School Website for more information.

List of Private Universities in Kwara

Al-Hikmah University

Al-Hikmah University

Al-Hikmah University was established in 2005 by the AbdulRaeem Oladimeji Islamic Foundation AROIF and the World Assembly of Muslim Youths WAMY.

The school has several state campuses, including one in Ilorin, the state capital.

Al-Hikmah provides good sporting and housing facilities, financial aid, study abroad programs, and administrative services.

They offer various degree programs that cut across different fields, including; education, arts, sciences, social and management sciences.

Al-Hikmah University’s school fees vary depending on your course and level of study.

Visit the school’s website to learn more about the school.

Landmark University, Omu-Aran

Landmark University

Landmark University is a Christian-owned university established in 2011. It is located in Omo-Aran, Kwara state.

It was formally affiliated with a Christian pentecostal religion. Despite the disaffiliation, the school still holds onto its guiding principles.

It was initially established to help improve the nation’s agricultural workforce by training its students in this field.

The University now offers agriculture, science, technology, social science, arts, and management courses.

The motto of Landmark University is ‘Breaking New Grounds.’ To achieve this motto, they have implemented infrastructures to provide a conducive learning environment for their students.

The University is ranked among the top ten universities in Nigeria. Due to the increased competition, admission into the institution is by high performance in the entrance examination.

Visit their official website to learn more about the institution.

Summit University, Offa

Summit University

Summit University was established in 2015. It is located in Offa, a small town in Kwara State.

The Ansar-Ud-Deen Society of Nigeria founded it.

Summit University offers various degree programs that cut across different fields, including; sciences, management, social sciences, language, culture, and arts.

Visit the school’s website to learn more about the school.

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Crown Hill University, Eiyenkorin

Crown Hill University

Crown Hill University was established in 2016. It is located in Ilorin, the capital city of Kwara State.

Crown Hill University offers various degree programs that cut across different fields, including; management, social sciences, sciences, arts, and humanities.

Crown Hill University’s school fees vary depending on your course and level of study.

Visit the school’s website to learn more about the school.

Thomas Adewumi University, Oko-Irese

Thomas Adewumi University

Thomas Adewumi University (TAU) is situated in Oko, Kwara State, Nigeria. It is a private university licensed by the Federal Government of Nigeria in April 2021. They offer 15 programs in 12 departments of 3 faculties.

TAU aims to provide innovative education to groom academic, technical, professional, entrepreneurial, and morally equipped people who will catalyze the revolution in self-sufficiency at all levels.

Visit School Website for more information.

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Ahman Pategi University, Kwara State

Ahman Pategi University

Ahman Pategi University in Patigi, Kwara State, was established by Hon. Aliyu Bahago Ahman-Pategi.

It is one of Nigeria’s twenty new private universities approved for establishment by the Federal Executive Council (FEC) in February 2021.

It was licensed on April 8, 2021, in a statement signed by the Minister of Education and the Executive Secretary of the National Universities Commission (NUC).

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University of Offa, Kwara State


University of Offa, Kwara State, is a privately owned university located in Offa and was founded in 2015.

The university is owned and established by a Muslim organization named the Ansar-Ud-Deen Society of Nigeria.

This organization was established for the educational development of Nigeria’s Muslim society. The institution was established with nine other private universities in Nigeria in 2015.

Visit School Website for more information.

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You can now pick any school of your choice now that you know the list of universities in Kwara State and apply.

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