University of Lagos (UNILAG) Review of Service Charges and Introduction of Demurrage Payment on Certificates

The Senate of the University of Lagos (UNILAG), at its meeting held on Wednesday, May 31, 2023, has reviewed fees related to services provided by the University and approved a new policy regarding demurrage payment on certificates.


The reviewed charges and the new policy are detailed below:

Re-Issued Certificates

  • The cost of re-issuance for burnt or damaged certificates shall be Fifty Thousand Naira (₦50 000.00) in response to the rising inflation rate.
  • Certificates with spelling errors attributable to students’ mistakes will be re-issued at the cost of Thirty-Five Thousand Naira (₦35,000.00). This charge applies if the certificate is returned for re-issuance before a change of signatories.
  • Suppose the University makes a spelling error on a certificate. In that case, it will be re-issued at no extra cost to the student, provided the certificate is returned for re-issuance before the change of signatories.
  • If a certificate with errors described in (3) above is not returned for re-issuance before the change of signatories, a charge of Thirty-Five Thousand Naira (₦35,000.00) will apply.
  • These changes are in addition to the previously approved policy on certificate re-issuance.

Uploading of Documents on the Application Portal

A total processing cost of Twenty-Five Thousand Naira (₦25,000.00) will be charged for uploading transcripts on the application portal.

Inter/Intra Faculty Transfer Application Form

Obtaining the Inter/Intra Faculty Transfer Application Form will now cost Twenty Thousand Naira (₦20,000.00).

Demurrage Payment on Certificates

  • The Senate also approved the introduction of a demurrage policy for uncollected certificates:
  • Any certificate not collected in the year immediately following the conference will attract a demurrage charge of Ten Thousand Naira (₦10,000.00).
  • There will be an additional charge of Five Thousand Naira (₦5,000.00) for each year the certificate remains uncollected.
  • This policy is in addition to previously approved convocation and certificate collection charges.

Please note that these fees, which took effect from May 31, 2023, are subject to review by the University at a maximum interval of five (5) years. This periodic review will be aligned with the prevailing rate of inflation.



With continued commitment and determination, UNILAG will continue to shape future professionals and contribute positively to Nigeria’s education system and society.

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