UNIJOS Extends Deadline for Late Registration Payment

In response to recent concerns, the University of Jos (UNIJOS) management has announced a significant adjustment to its academic calendar. 


This decision, designed to accommodate the financial needs of its students, will extend the payment window for Registration Charges for the 2023/2024 Academic Session.

Extension Timeline

According to the University’s administration, the extension will commence on Wednesday, May 31 2023, and conclude on Sunday, June 11 2023. During this period, the University’s School Charges Payment Portal will remain accessible to students.

Students wishing to take advantage of this opportunity can log in to their Student’s Dashboard, where they will receive directions on finalizing the necessary payments.

Late Registration Penalty

The University has, however, attached a penalty to this extension. Students yet to pay their school charges will be obliged to pay an additional N10,000, representing the late registration fee. 


This penalty is in addition to the standard N45,000.00 School Charges, raising the total payable amount for late registering students.

Strict Deadline Enforcement

While this extension offers a reprieve for students unable to meet the initial payment deadline, the University of Jos has taken a stern stance on the revised deadline.

The management strongly advises all students to complete their registration by Sunday, June 11 2023. Failure to do so will result in the University considering these students as having forfeited their studentship.

In such cases, these students will not be recognized as University of Jos students, irrespective of their study levels. The management’s directive underlines the seriousness of the situation and the importance of meeting this new deadline.

Avoiding Fraudulent Transactions

The management of the University of Jos also uses this opportunity to remind its students to be cautious. They are strongly advised to be wary of unsolicited approaches from fraudsters claiming to offer assistance with their registration.


Furthermore, students are warned against patronizing roadside Business Centres for any transaction related to the University of Jos. The University cannot take responsibility for any issues that may arise—unauthorized access during transactions.


In conclusion, the University of Jos calls on all its students to take this extension and warnings seriously, ensuring they meet the new registration deadline while protecting themselves from potential fraud.


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