UNIBEN Department of Education and Physics Admission Requirement

This article is designed to help students who wish to study Education and Physics under the Faculty of Education in University of Benin  as it is very important for all candidates who wish to apply for any of the courses offered in UNIBEN to  carefully confirm and see if the course they Selected is offered in the institution before registering for JAMB.

University of Benin is a federal government owned university, funded and managed by the federal government of Nigeria. The university was founded in 1970. University of Benin (UNIBEN) is a research university located in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. The university is one of the oldest in Nigeria and has a very large student and staff population. Resulting in a student staff ratio of about 10:1.The University has a diverse student population with student from different parts of the country and different age brackets. University of Benin courses cut across various levels in agriculture, science, etc. university of Benin admission is extremely competitive as Many candidates apply for admission into the university annually. University of Benin school fees is also very affordable and it provides its students with facilities and infrastructure, they have good hostels, roads electricity etc.The National Universities Commission (NUC) has accredited faculties and departments in the university.

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The O’level subject combination and requirements needed to study Education and Physics;

You require;

Five (5)’O’ Level credits passes to include English Language, Physics, Mathematics and two (2) other Science subjects or NTC/NBC.


(i) MAUTECH accepts ‘O’ Level pass in English Language or a pass in TC II or NCE General English.

(ii) UNIBEN requires two (2) other Science subjects, one (1) of which should be Chemistry/Agricultural Science/Biology/Further Mathematics.

(iii) GOMSU accepts D7 in English Language.

(iv) BU and IMS require ‘O’ Level credit passes in Chemistry and Mathematics/Further Mathematics.

(v) UNIJOS does not accept Integrated Science.

(vi) ABU accepts TC II merit.

(vii) UNIUYO requires a credit pass in Chemistry and may accept a D7 in English Language.

(viii) GOMSU requires ‘O’ Level credit pass in Chemistry.

(ix) IAUE and UMYU require five (5) ‘O’ Level credit passes which must include Physics, Mathematics, English Language and any other two (2) subjects preferably Chemistry, Further Mathematics, Geography/Physics and Biology.

(x) LASU accepts ‘O’ Level credit passes in English Language and Mathematics.

(xi) TASUED requires five (5) ‘O’ Level credit passes at one (1) sitting or six (6) ‘O’ Level credit passes at two (2) sittings to include English Language, Mathematics, Physics and any other two (2) or three (3) subjects from Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Further Mathematics Agricultural Science and Computer Science.

(xii)   OAU requires five (5) ‘O’ Level credit passes which must include English Language, Physics, Mathematics and two (2) other subjects, one (1) of which should be Chemistry or Agricultural Science or Biology or Additional/Further Mathematics

(xiii) UNIOSUN requires ‘O’ Level credit passes in two (2) other relevant science subjects, Geography inclusive.

(xiv) KSU requires two (2) other subjects from the Social Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Agricultural Science and Economics.

(xv)  UNILAG requires ‘O’ Level credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and any one (1) of Biology, Further Mathematics, Agricultural Science, Integrated Science, Computer science/Data Processing.

(xvi) AAUA requires five (5) ‘O’ Level credit passes to include English Language, Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry and any of Biology or Agricultural Science.

(xviii) LCU accepts ‘O’ Level credit passes at SSC or its equivalent in English Language, Mathematics, Physics and any other two (2) Science subjects.

(xix) DELSU requires SSC ‘O’ Level credit passes in at least five (5) subjects including English Language, Mathematics and Physics.


In UTME, please note that English Language is Compulsory for this course. Therefore, the three (3) other JAMB UTME subject combination needed to study Education and Physics under the Faculty of Education in the above Universities include;

Physics, Mathematics or Chemistry plus one (1) other subject.


(i) OAU and UNIBEN require Physics, Mathematics and any other Science subject.

(ii) IAUE accepts other subjects, one (1) of which should be Chemistry, Geography or Biology.

(iii) UNIBEN requires Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry or Biology.

(iv) FUAM requires Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.

(v) UNILAG requires Physics, Mathematics/Chemistry and one of Biology, Agricultural Science.

(vi) MAUTECH requires Physics, Mathematics and any one (1) of Chemistry, Biology/Agricultural Science, Geography.

(viii) DELSU accepts Mathematics and any other Arts/Social Science/Science subjects.

(ix) AAUA accepts Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry.

(x) UNIMAID requires Physics and any two (2) Science Subjects


These are the conditions you need to fulfill to gain Direct Entry admission to study Education and Physics, if you don’t intend to use UTME.

You require;

(i)  Two (2) ‘A’ Level passes in Physics and Mathematics.

(ii) NCE credit/merit in relevant subjects.

(i) UNILAG accepts (a)    very good passes in three (3) JUPEB subjects: Physics, Chemistry and any one (1) of Biology or Mathematics. (b)    two (2) ‘A’ Level passes in Physics and Mathematics. (c)    NCE credit/merit in Physics and one (1) of Biology, Mathematics and Chemistry and UTME requirements. UNILAG does not accept Geography

(ii) RSUST requires any Science subject as the third(3rd) subject.

(iii) UNICAL accepts ND from recognised institutions.

(iv) UNIUYO accepts candidates without ‘A’ Level or NCE Mathematics but must take remedial in the subject at 100 level.

(v) OAU accepts two (2) ‘A’ Level passes in Physics and any other Science subject or NCE with credit/merit in relevant teaching subject combinations including Physics. Candidates holding NCE in Auto-mechanic are also eligible.

(vi) LASU accepts NCE Technical with merit in relevant subjects.

(vii) UNIJOS accepts NCE General English

(viii) IMSU requires NCE merit into two (2) year programme and less than merit into a three (3)-year programme. In addition, a pass in English Language is required.

(ix) BSU accepts NCE at merit level.

(x) BUK accepts NCE merit in Physical Health Education with any two (2) Science subjects.

(xi) EKSU accepts General English at NCE in lieu of ‘O’ Level credit pass in English language.

(xii) UNIBEN accepts two (2) or three (3) merit in NCE including Physics plus three (3) ‘O’ Level credit passes in Physics, Mathematics and English Language at one (1) sitting.

(xiii) ATBU accepts NCE pass with five (5)-years teaching experience.

(xiv) UMYU requires ‘A’ Level passes in Physics and Mathematics. Accepts credit or merit in NCE.

(xv) BU accepts ‘A’ Level/IJMB/NCE/ND or approved equivalents in Mathematics and Physics

(xvi) TASUED accepts two (2) ‘A’ Level passes in Physics and Mathematics, NCE merit in two (2) core related subjects. ND/HND upper credit in Physics Electronics.

(xvii) FUAM requires; a) two (2)’A’ Level passes in Physics and Biology, Further Mathematics, Technical Drawing or Geology. b) accepts ND upper credit in relevant programme in addition to the UTME requirements.

(xviii) SSU also accepts;  a. NCE with passes in two (2) relevant subjects or a double major subject with the UTME requirements. b. IJMB passes in two (2) relevant subjects with the UTME requirements. c. ND/HND credit in any relevant programme into 100 level.

(xix) AAUA requires three (3) merit at NCE in Education and two (2) relevant teaching (Science) subjects.

(xxi) DELSU requires; a) At least merit passes and above in Physics and either Chemistry or Education at NCE or GCE ‘A’ Level passes including Physics. b) Diploma (DELSU).

JAMB Score

All candidates interested in getting admitted into UNIBEN for the 2019/2020 session, should know that to be eligible for the screening, you must have scored 200 or above in your JAMB result.

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