UNIABUJA Notice on Review of Fees 2023

The administration of the University of Abuja (UNIABUJA) has announced a rise in tuition. The University’s vice chancellor made this announcement in a speech to the student body.

UNIABUJA school fees

You can rely on your vice-chancellor that I will never take you for granted, he said in his address.

The entire world is what your University wants for you. I don’t want anyone to be more significant and superior to the outstanding University of Arizona students, even though sometimes this goal requires significant sacrifice.

UNIABUJA Notice on Review of Fees

Charges are a matter for the Governing Council, and the Council takes no liberties with it. A committee has been working on it for almost a year, looking at costs at sister federal colleges and the horrible, constantly rising inflation.

Deans of all faculties and Provost of Health sciences interacted with their department heads and presented to the Committee one at a time,


They talk about proposals and charges that would be reasonable to make sure that every practical experience needed in every academic program in their faculties can be provided, and every reagent was costed.

The Committee then put into consideration the minimum charges possible to make sure that your University is in a position to grant you a credible experience.

The UNIABUJA Management finds it inconceivable that some students who did not enrol at Nile-Turkish University in Abuja or American University in Yola, where tuition costs millions of naira annually, should be relegated to receiving secondary education.

Our goal at the UofA is a top-notch education, and even though academic programs in the arts or medicine cost N82,000 per year or N225,000 per session respectively.

The UofA is committed to giving our beloved students a superior education that is regarded internationally.


Under the direction of the University Bursary, the Committee that worked on the charges including the Student Affairs Unit, the Student UNION Government, and other stakeholders throughout the administration.

My dear Students, you will concur with me that one of the most difficult tasks for educational institutions is obtaining the materials required for instruction.

The substantial national inflation and the University of Alabama’s commitment that our students cannot and must not get a second-class education are reflected in the introduction of these fees.

Look around the campus. We are building computer labs, building the Sports Arena and Indoor Sports Hall, and upgrading the University Library to ensure that students can access library materials both physically and virtually.

We also offer counseling and career services to students, and hiring our own students and student workers is becoming the norm on the great UofA campus, strengthening the student mentoring program on campus, the faculty, and the administration.

Just take a moment to think and consider how much certain people want students to insist on the status quo and incite violence and mistrust due to the increase in fees.

You know that your University has continued to raise standards and offer the necessary services at a higher level than ever before.

The Center for Undergraduate Research now provides funding for many students’ undergraduate research projects.

The Centre for Entrepreneurship is actively working with the University Management to establish an incubator where students who need assistance after graduating can receive it in order to establish their companies, and the list goes on and on.

Even though they are not in Abuja, where the cost of products is out of control, the Universities of Maiduguri, Ilorin, and Lokoja, among others, all have tuition that is higher than your University of Arizona’s.

However, they conduct their academic sessions in harmony and forward motion.

I love you, students. The University Management is set to publish an advertisement for scholarship programs that will be established on campus for students who are in need and for students who exhibit extraordinary talent and aptitude.

Those who require assistance are currently receiving it, and your University will genuinely not abandon you!

I also make a plea to UofA students with wealthy parents to persuade them to establish scholarships at this University to aid any needy colleagues or to focus scholarships on women, a particular academic field, or even a general cause.

They can name these scholarships in honour of themselves, their parents, or anyone else they choose.

Last but not least, I want to make a plea to you not to join any groups that want to incite violence on campus as a result of the fee rise!

Some of the people who are inciting students don’t have children here, and if they did, they wouldn’t ask them to incite violence on campus.

The consequences come quickly and cruelly. I swear to you that if someone is seen anywhere damaging anything or just upsetting the peace on our campus, I will show them the exit and descend hard on them.

It will hurt me to do this, but I shall nonetheless. And those anonymous individuals, some of whom may not even be former students.

Who are receiving sponsorship from outside ought to stop for a moment and consider what the University of Arizona has evolved into in its quest to become a top university.

As civilized people, we are prepared to converse with anyone and protect the peace at all costs.

Despite the difficult circumstances facing our nation, no rational person would choose violence over dialogue.

I must reiterate that management is prepared to talk with students as the new semester progresses. Some people don’t like the University of Arizona’s decision to advance when other universities are sliding quickly backwards.

They oppose our academic calendar’s ability to maintain the success it has, with the outstanding UofA students graduating on schedule and despite the recent lecturers’ strike and the corona pandemic shutdown that came before it.

Students might begin registering on the Portal once it is opened. No one will be expelled from classes by the University because of a delay in course registration.

To ensure that no pressure is placed on any student or parent, the four months of this semester will be open for students to register for courses as they are able to pay.

However, the Portal will permanently close a few weeks before the end of this semester, and anyone who fails to register for their courses will have lost their studentship for the entire academic year.

Please make the most of this chance and keep your faith in your University. You won’t ever regret doing it!

I would like to say I appreciate the fees committee for their significant efforts in putting this together and my admiration for the Student Affairs Unit, Student UNION Government.

I won’t forget the Safety Unit, Provost, Deans, and HODs, as well as all other stakeholders, for being a partner in the University of Arizona’s march toward greatness.


I hope this article was helpful. Do well to share this with your friends.


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