Top 18 International Recruitment Agencies in Canada

If you are interested in working in Canada, have a look at these 18 international recruiters. From the high-tech west coast to the maritime provinces. Canadian companies need knowledge migrants, and recruitment agencies buy talent worldwide to fulfil those positions.



Quebec International

An agency for economic development, the mission of Quebec International, is to contribute to the success of the economy of Quebec City. One of the services that it provides for this is international recruitment. The company holds recruitment missions, brings hundreds of candidates to the attention of participating companies. Also, the negotiates rates with foreign recruitment agencies.

Hays Recruitment Canada

They are a global group for professional recruitment and operates in 33 countries. Including Canada, including offices in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto and Montreal. Hays Canada has confirmed to us that even though they do not offer a removal service or visa advice, they do offer career counselling and vacancies as soon as a foreign applicant has received a valid work visa.

Global Hire

An employment agency with offices in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta, Global Hire places international recruits in Canadian healthcare, trucking, welding and skilled labour markets. The agency focuses on sourcing talent from the Philippines and Mexico. As well as recruiters from India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Chile, Dubai and Eastern Europe.

Drake International

Another Canadian recruiter established in the 1950s, Drake International, has its headquarters in Toronto, finding top talent across the country and around the world. In addition to permanent and temporary recruitment services, Drake offers management solutions and HR advice with webinars and white papers.

Petro Staff International

Supporting company in Canada, USA and abroad, Petro Staff conducts recruitment campaigns for global oil and gas professionals in Toronto and is based in Calgary. The recruitment company will contract negotiations if necessary and help talented employees to come to Canada.

Cowan International

Recruitment for the resources, engineering and construction industry, Cowan International has been linking jobs and talents for more than six decades. Started as a male-female recruitment shop in Montreal. Cowan is now active locally and internationally in all business sectors. And repatriates talent when the right opportunity arises.

Opportunity Alberta

The provincial government in Alberta helps organizations recruit temporary foreign workers once those organizations have made reasonable efforts to hire them in Canada. Information that is specific to the skill level, the country and the industry in which your company is interested is offered. For example, the factsheet with architecture techniques from Ireland differs from that of architectural technicians from the United Kingdom.

Hire immigrants

A resource for employers, Hire Immigrants offers expertise and support to companies that want to buy, hire and aboard skilled immigrants. In collaboration with the Magnet program, founded by Ryerson University, employers will have a platform from which they can search directly for qualified, internationally-trained immigrants.

Renard International

From the offices in Toronto, Renard International serves the catering industry around the world by finding candidates from its 30,000-member database. The expertise of the applicant includes industry segments such as food and beverage, engineering, sales and marketing and management at the management level. Employers vary from hotels and restaurants to cruise ships, government institutions and catering companies.

Diamond Personnel

This Canadian nanny mediation agency specializes in more than recruitment for childcare. They provide care for the elderly and assisting with national staff positions. Overseas applicants are assisted with obtaining Canadian work visas, flight and voyage coordination and ongoing support after placement. Diamond Personnel has offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary.

Michael Page

With offices on six continents, Michael Page offers regional expertise on the market together with the resources of an international network. The specialized recruitment agency works with employers and candidates, with an approach that is individualized and consultative. PageGroup was established in the UK in 1976, with its first Canadian office opening in 2005 in Toronto.

Outpost Recruitment

Matching construction and engineering firms in Canada with local and foreign talent is the mission of Outpost Recruitment. The customers of the young company are based in Vancouver. And are found nationwide and include general contractors, technical consultants, developers and subcontractors. Outpost Recruitment involves local and international candidates, specialized in building and construction professionals and professionals, and offers support in immigration and settlement.

Alliance Online

Alliance Online is a recruiter for Canadian and foreign employees and is active in the automotive, agricultural, construction and energy industries. Employers who hire candidates from abroad receive assistance with completing forms such as LMIA (PNB assessment), work permits and assessments of foreign employees.

Island Recruiting

The only full-service HR, recruitment and immigration company of Prince Edward Island, Island Recruiting in Charlottetown, offers both domestic and foreign recruitment services. As a member of the Immigration Consultant Regulatory Council, the agency has connections with more than 50 countries. Attracring talent and covers all aspects of the foreign recruitment process.


Euro Labor Infusion is an employment agency from Alberta that focuses on finding skilled foreign workers for Canadian employers. The dual goal is to help companies in Western Canada with their skills and labor shortages.  At the same time allowing European nationals to emigrate to Canada.

Work Global Canada

Work Global Canada, a recruitment agency in St. John’s, uses its global network of recruiters to engage foreign workers in the industry from engineering to agriculture and healthcare. Services include ensuring compliance with legislation and regulations, drafting contracts, candidate validation, selection and interviews, and travel and guidance services.


International Immigration Employment and Recruiting of Canada, headquartered in Edmonton, is a national and international employment agency. Anyone looking for work in the province of Alberta – or employers in the region looking for talent sourcing services or support with applications from foreign workers and immigration of employees – can contact IIERC for a consultation.

Canada Connect

Canada Connect is based in Winnipeg and is an immigration consultancy that streamlines the process for those who want to work in Canada. Although not a recruitment agency, Canada Connect can provide expert advice and reviews on immigration-related matters. Including explicit access for skilled workers, transitions from temporary to permanent residence, business immigrants. And resident status in Canada within the framework of the Caregiver program.

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