Tips on passing exams

Every academic institutions set exams to test the knowledge of their students, but is exam the true test to knowledge..?? the answer is yes.

You may ask the question why..?? why is because it tests your ability to be able to sit down and read, and also to have that knowledge stored in your long term memory.

The following are tips which can be used to pass any exam;

  1. Study in a distraction free environment, take away your phones(electronic accessories) and don’t sit close to any television set.
  2. Prioritize your work. Tackle the most difficult task first while your brain is still fresh.
  3. Use your senses to help you memorize facts.
  4. Take short breaks from time to time so that your brain can relax and don’t feel to worked out.
  5. Have a study group or an exam buddy who can do the question and answer section with you.
  6. Until the day of the exam do not stop going back to your book because this helps to reinforce your learning.
  7.  Do not always read to pass, but read to know,its one major issue students have so do not fall under that category.                                                                          SEE ALSO; Tips on passing CBT EXAMS

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