Tips On How To Travel To U.S.A From Nigeria Easily!!!

A lot people, More especially Nigerians want to travel to the United States Of America (U.S.A) but often been rejected at the embassy and as a result of consequent rejection, i have to write this article to educate Nigerians and everyone on the easiest way to travel to the United states without been asked so many questions or rejected.

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One of the reasons people get rejected at the American Embassy, more especially Nigerians is because of this common mistake of travelling to the States with a Virgin Passport ( An international passport that has never been used for traveling purposes before. A new passport that has no stamp on it). In this time where the image of our country Nigeria is battling to survive internationally because of the rampant fake marriages, scams and other fraudulent acts committed by Nigerian outside the country, to travelling with a virgin passport is not a very good option because, since it’s your first time to travel and the Country is America, it is very possible that you will be rejected if you don’t defend yourself very well.

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The best and easiest way to travel to the U.S.A without been rejected is to travel to other neighboring countries close to your own country and for those from Africa, You can travel to South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, even if it’s just for one week vacation. The purpose is to get other country’s stamp on your passport and when you are ready and finally return to the U.S Embassy, you will be automatically granted visa because you have traveled before and your passport is not a virgin passport.

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