Tansian University Academic Calendar for 2023/2024 Academic Session

This is to inform the Tansian University students that the academic calendar for 2023/2024 academic session is out.

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The Tansian University academic calendar contains all the activities and events that will go on in the school.

2023/2024 Academic Calendar

Thursday, 1st September 2022University Congregation Meeting
Saturday 1st October 2022Nigeria’s National Day Celebration
Saturday 1st – Sunday 2nd October, 2022Resumption/Students’ Registration
Tuesday 4th October 2022Faculty Board Meeting
Tuesday 4th  October 2022First Semester Lectures and Course Registration Begin
Friday  25th October 2022First Semester Course Registration Closes (Late Registration)
Tuesday 25th October 2022Mass of the Holy Spirit for the 2023/2024 Academic Session
Tuesday 25th October 2022Committee of Deans
Wednesday 26th  October 2022Senate Meeting
Tuesday 1st November 2022Solemnity of All Saints (Holy day of Obligation – (Work free day)
Saturday, 5th November 2022Parent’s Consultative Forum
Wednesday, 23rd  November 2022Senate Meeting
Monday 13th  –  Tuesday 21st December, 2022Mid Semester Examinations
Wednesday, 21st  December 2022End of Lectures for Christmas & New Year break
Friday 16th December 2022Christmas Carol  & End of the Year Party
Wednesday, 21st  December 2022Students Vacate Campus for Christmas & New Year break
Wednesday 11th January 2023Students return to Campus
Friday 20th January 2023Feast of Blessed  Iwene Tansi
Wednesday, 25th  January 2023Senate Meeting
Monday 23rd –Friday 27th January, 2023Revision
Monday 23rd January – Friday 3rd February, 2023Clearance for First  Semester Examination
Monday 6th – Wednesday 22nd February, 2023First Semester Examination
Thursday, 23rd February 2023Students Vacate Campus for First Semester break
Friday, 10th  March 2023Submission of  First  Semester Results
Tuesday 7th March 2023Faculty Approval of 2023/2024 First  Semester Results
Wednesday 15th  March 2023Senate  Meeting/Approval of First Semester Results
Thursday, 9th  March 2023University Congregation Meeting 
Thursday, 9th  March 2023Students return to Campus
Tuesday 14th March 2023Second Semester Lectures begin
Tuesday 14th March 2023Second Semester Course Registration Begins
Friday  17th  March 2023Second Semester Course Registration Closes  (Late Registration)
Wednesday, 5th April 2023End of Lectures  for Easter break
Wednesday 5th April – Tuesday 12th April, 2023Easter break for all Staff
Wednesday, 5th April 2023Easter break for all Students
Sunday, 9th April 2023Easter Sunday
Saturday 22nd  April 2023Parent’s Consultative Forum
Friday 21st April 2023Students return to Campus after Easter break
Tuesday 25th  –  Friday  28th April, 2023Mid Semester Examinations
Wednesday  26th  April 2023Senate Meeting
Saturday 6th May 2023Alumni Day
Wednesday  26th May 2023Senate Meeting
Tuesday 30th – Friday 2nd June, 2023Revision
Friday, 9th June 202316th Matriculation Ceremony
Monday 5th – Friday 9th  June, 2023Clearance for Second Semester Examination
Wednesday, 21st  June 2023Senate Meeting
Monday 19th June – Friday 21st   July, 2023Second Semester Examination
Sunday 23rd  July 2023Thanksgiving Mass for Graduating Students
Tuesday 25th July 2023Students vacate Campus for Long Vacation
Friday 4th August 2023Submission of  Second  Semester Results
Tuesday 8th  August 2023Faculty Approval of 2023/2024 Second  Semester and Degree Results
Wednesday 10th August 2023Senate  Meeting/Approval of Second Semester and Degree Results
Sunday 1st October 2023Independence Day
Tuesday 3rd  October 2023End of Long Vacation


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