Romania Student visa Application Guideline

This guide will provide you with the essential information you need to apply for Romania student visa. You will discover the required documents and steps. And if this visa type is what you need for the purpose of your visit to Romania.

What is Romania Student visa?

When you apply for Romania Student visa in Nigeria, you are applying for a Long-stay visa.

A long-stay visa is granted to foreigners who wish to stay within Romanian territory for longer than 90 days. If you are granted a long-stay visa, you can apply for an extension at the expiration of your student visa and consequently apply for a residence permit.

Benefits Of Studying In Romania

There are a few reasons why you should apply for Romania Student visa in Nigeria. These are:

1-The standard of education in Romania is high: Schools in Romania are well known around the world for the facilities in their institutions and the research opportunities available to students.

2- Affordable tuition fees: When compared to other schools and universities in Europe, schools in Romania have reasonable tuition fees.

3- A low cost of living: Romania is well known for its low living expenses. This makes the country especially advantageous to foreign students who may have modest funds.

4- Exposure to cultural diversity:  While studying in Romania, you will be introduced to people from diverse cultures. You will have the opportunity to learn different languages and cultures.

5- There are over 70 universities in Romania. All of these schools offer internationally accepted and recognized courses. Some of the universities also teach these courses in English. This eliminates any challenges that the language barrier could create.

6- Recognition of Romanian certificates: Qualifications, certifications, and transcripts from government approved Romanian institutions are recognized not only in the European Union but also around the world.

How to apply for Romania Student visa in Nigeria

Here are the steps you should follow in order to successfully apply for Romania Student visa in Nigeria

1- Apply to a university: after you apply to the institution that you would like to attend and have been granted admission, you must obtain a letter to that effect. The letter of acceptance must be approved by the Romanian Ministry of Education.


2- Fill the visa application form: If you have gotten the acceptance letter, you can proceed to the Website and fill in the visa application form. You should fill this form honestly and include valid contact information as well. It is important to note that you can exit the page and resume filling it at a later date. However, if you do not fill this form in 30 days, your application will be deleted.

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3- Submit your visa application online alongside some requested documents: The submitted documents will be validated and information verified before you are invited to submit your documents in person.  You should scan and submit all important documents to avoid being asked to provide additional information at a later date.


4- Pick a date for your visa appointment: After submitting the visa application form and all other required documents, you will be able to choose a date for your interview.


5- Go for your visa appointment: On the day of your appointment, you are to arrive at the embassy early with all the required documents. There, you will submit the documents in person, pay the visa application fee and may be interviewed. You may be asked to provide some other documents.


6- Wait for the verdict and then retrieve your visa: You may have to wait for more than 2 weeks to receive the outcome of your visa application. While waiting, you can track the visa processing on the website. After your application has been processed, you will go and collect your visa and other documents from the Embassy of Romania in Nigeria.

Romania Student visa requirements

Before you apply for Romania Student visa in Nigeria, you must fulfill all the requirements stated below. The required documents must be submitted to ensure that you are qualified to receive a student visa. The documents will also show that you can afford to study and reside in Romania.

1- Proof of acceptance into a school in Romania: Before you begin your application process, you must first apply to the institution that you wish to attend. After you apply and are accepted, you will be issued an acceptance letter by the Romanian Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports. You must provide the original copy of the valid acceptance letter when applying for your student visa.

2- A valid passport: You must have a valid international passport with at least 2 blank pages. The passport should not be due to expire until at least 6 months after the expiration of your long-stay visa.

3- Recent passport photographs

4- Past academic certificates and transcripts: You must provide certificates that show that you are qualified to study in Romania. These certificates include WAEC, NECO, First degree transcripts, and Secondary Leaving Certificates.

5- Proof that you have paid your tuition: You should be able to provide evidence showing that you have paid a partial amount or full amount of the tuition fee. It is advised that you pay for your first year of study if you will be studying in Romania for longer than 1 year.  Provide a receipt showing payment or a letter from the institution you will be attending.

6- Proof that you can afford to reside in Romania: You will need to provide a bank statement to show that the funds you have are enough to pay for your tuition, and other living expenses for at least the first year of your study.  Aside from the bank statement, provide evidence of the source of your income such as:
– Salary pay slips
– Tax payment forms

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7- Letter from your sponsor: If you will not be paying for your study and have a sponsor, you should obtain a letter from your sponsor. This letter should state your sponsor’s obligation to pay for your studies in Romania. It should also include your sponsor’s full name and contact information. This letter should be notarized.

8- Proof that your sponsor can pay your tuition and other fees: If you have a sponsor, you should have their recent bank statement. Also, you should have documents that show their source of income such as pay slips, recent tax forms, employment letter and proof of ownership of income-generating assets.

9- A filled visa application form.

10-  A valid and recent health certificate: This certificate must show that you do not have any contagious diseases. The health certificate should be issued just before you apply for a student visa.

11- Travel insurance: You should have proof that you have purchased a travel medical insurance with a duration that lasts the period of your stay in Romania.

12. A recent police certificate: This certificate should prove that you are of good character and are not a criminal or wanted in Nigeria.

13. If a minor is applying for a student visa, they will need to a letter from their parents or guardians. The international passport, birth certification and a letter of permission from the parent or guardian are also needed.

14. Proof of accommodation: If possible, provide a receipt showing payment for your accommodation. If you will be staying with someone in Romania, provide their address. You may provide proof of valid hotel reservation in Romania if none of these are available.

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You should make clear photocopies of all the documents before submitting them. These documents will also have to be translated and notarized before you submit them.

Romania embassy in Nigeria – Lagos, Abuja?

Abuja: Plot 498, 76 Nelson Mandela Street, Zone A4, Asokoro, Abuja.
Phone number:  +234-908-723-4024

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