5 Reasons To Move To Alaska – City Guide

There are thousands of reasons to move to Alaska, but did you know that the best place to experience the phenomenal aurora borealis is in the city of Fairbanks, Alaska?

No doubt, Alaska is home to many amazingly rare occurrences. If you’re looking for reasons to move to Alaska, you should continue reading this article.

Located in the Western United States in the northwest part of North America in Alaska.

No doubt, Alaska is stunningly beautiful. However, it is characterized by rugged mountains, very cold temperatures, dense forests, and tracts of tundra. It may take some courage to live in a city in Alaska.

5 Things You should know About Alaska

Before we dive into the reasons to move to Alaska, let’s quickly look at what you should know about this beautiful state.

Here are the things you should take note of before moving into Alaska.

  1. There are about 3 million lakes in Alaska.
  2. Alaska has more than 12,000 rivers.
  3. Alaska’s population is over 733,391.
  4. Out of the 20 highest mountain peaks in the United States, 17 are in Alaska.
  5. There is almost 1 bear to every 21 people in Alaska.

5 Reasons to Move to Alaska

Here are 5 reasons to move to Alaska

Outstandingly Beautiful Scenery

Alaska is a breath-taking beauty. From the glaciers to the beautiful wildlife and mountain views. Alaska is a perfect city, and the Alaskans know this fact.

From the snow-capped mountain peaks of Denali National Park to the delightful Aleutian. You’ll find an estimated 100,000 glaciers, ice caves, and forests among the state’s vast landscapes.

With more than 22 hours of daily sunlight in the summer, the state is constantly bright and beautiful! The city, popularly known as America’s Last Frontier, is a Jaw-dropping beauty to behold.

Alaska’s beautiful scenery is one of the reasons to move to Alaska.

‘Outdoorsy’ and ‘Fun’ and ‘Totally Adventurous’

If you’re an extrovert, you have a good reason to move to Alaska. There are many lively, sporty, fun, and friendly People in Alaska.

Simply put, Alaska is a city for fun-lovers and every caliber and brand of a human being. The state is always bubbling with a lot of premium fun activities.

Some of the regular outdoor fun activities and adventures to partake in when you’re in Alaska are Fishing, Snowboarding, Skiing, Whale watching in Juneau, Dog sledding with huskies, exploring ice caves, catching the Northern Lights, Hiking through the Denali National Park, cruising on the Seward Highway, cruising the coastal waters by boat, taking a flight to view glaciers beautifully.

Fishing, Fishing, Fishing.

Alaska has a balanced mix of the ‘urban’ and ‘rural’ feel. Fishing is a popular practice in Alaska. Many Alaskans fish for fun, others use fishing as a sporting activity.

Have you ever heard of King Salmon? The state is blessed with an array of valuable fishes, and King Salmon, which always makes the list of best and most expensive fishes, isn’t excluded!

If you’re a lover of good fish, there you go! Here’s one of the reasons to move to Alaska.

Unhurried and mostly Laid-Back

If you’re looking for a city void of all that usual hustle and bustle, unhealthy rush, and unnecessary energy, Alaska got you. Alaskans are mostly Laid-Back, unrushed, and quite observant.

Everyone is taking their time to do stuff at their own pace. Being unhurried is a generally practiced lifestyle of Alaskans, and no one judges you for taking your time— because every other person acts just like you.

Minimal Tax

Who loves to pay high taxes? Alaska is one state with no state income tax and no state sales tax. This will help you as a new resident to save a huge part of your paycheck.

However, there are still some local sales taxes in some parts of the state. Apart from the fact that there is no state income and sales tax, Alaskans are entitled to a Permanent Fund Dividend(PFD): a sum of free money paid to all permanent residents of Alaska at year-end.

The low tax rate in this beautiful state is one of the reasons to move to Alaska.


If you’ve read this far then congratulations as you’ve come to the end of our reasons to move to Alaska If you know any reasons why Alaska is a perfect relocation destination, let us know in the comment section below.

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