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Promotional Codes In Sports Betting: Types and Peculiarities to Know

Sports betting promo codes are something that online gambling platforms use as part of the terms for special offers. These codes need to be plugged into a box on the specific website page to trigger a bonus.

Things like a Betwinner promo code are generally shared as part of a marketing strategy by online gambling sites. Getting a special bonus code can to consumers feel like they are getting some kind of special deal that will encourage them to open an account with the operator.

They can also be used in other ways, and here we take a look at the ins and outs of online promotional codes for online gambling.

Where to Find Bonus Codes

Bonus codes shouldn’t be difficult to find. If a certain promotion requires one, then it should be listed in the terms and conditions on the same page as the offer. Look at promotional banners on websites as well for any bonus codes.

What Can Promotional Codes Be Used On?

There are different types of promotions available for online gambling, regardless of if you are playing at an online casino or an online betting site. Here are the most common types of deals where you may need a bonus code:

  • The Welcome Bonus: The most commonly found example of online betting promo codes is for welcome bonus offers. These are incentives that gambling sites use to get players in the door in the first place. Welcome offers come in a range of styles, from free spins at a casino, to bonus cash, free bets, and matched deposit bonuses.
  • Initial Deposit and Reload Bonuses: Many gambling sites like to offer further incentives for existing customers. That is usually through deposit bonuses. The first deposit on an account is generally linked to the terms and conditions of the welcome offer. For existing customers, a reload bonus code will trigger a percentage bonus on the amount that is added and will be credited as bonus play.
  • Referral Bonuses: If you are happy with a certain online betting site or casino, then you may talk to your friends about it. If they are interested, look for a referral code to give them. If one is available, then you and the new player will likely receive a bonus for completing the referral set-up.

How to Redeem a Bonus Code

Bonus codes are easy to redeem. In the case of a welcome offer needing a promo code, there may be a box on the actual registration form that pops up. Sometimes if you have clicked through from a link to the betting site, it may already be filled in.

Alternatively, the most common place to redeem a bonus code is on the deposit page. When you go into your account to enter payment details, the box could be there to enter the code at the time of deposit. Any time you put in a code, just verify that it has been accepted.

Other Things to Watch Out For

Promotional codes are not always straightforward and they will vary from platform to platform. One of the main things to watch for is expiry dates. Promotional codes generally come with one, and you may for example have to use it within a certain period after opening an account.

Online gambling promotions don’t always last forever either, so if you have found one that you like, ensure you complete all terms of it before expiration. This leads us on to something that all bettors should be familiar with and that’s reading terms and conditions.

Scan through the key T&Cs. That is so you are fully aware of what is required to complete a bonus code offer. If a step of the process has been missed, or you simply forgot to plug in the promotional code then you will forfeit the offer.

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