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Portugal D7 Visa for Nigerian Citizens

Life circumstances sometimes make adjustments. Situations arise when it is necessary to change profession or place of residence. The reasons for this are varied: change of family status, health-related issues, a new job, etc. 

Portugal attracts people for immigration with comfortable climatic conditions, a decent standard of living, and a low crime rate. This state has a perfect combination of incendiary atmosphere, unique sights, and inimitable national dishes. It is possible to improve your life thanks to Portugal D7 visa for nigerians. People get a lot of advantages by becoming citizens of the country. The government has prepared interesting offers to attract investors and other representatives. All this contributes to internal development. Read more about it in our article.

What is D7 Visa in Portugal

Not only residents of EU countries can get a visa. The country’s government has developed special conditions for other foreigners. Portuguese d7 visa for Nigerians is a Portuguese digital nomad visa. According to the terms of the document, Nigerian citizens can be present in the country for 60 months. What are the requirements for the applicant? Learn more about this below:

  • age of majority;
  • availability of business, self-employment in the country;
  • annual income of at least 7,000 euros;
  • the amount of yearly income of an adult-dependent not lower than 5,000 euros;
  • the amount of annual income of a dependent child is not lower than 2,500 euros.

The nomadic visa is available to Nigerian citizens if the specified requirements are met.

Benefits of Portugal D7 for nigerians

Is moving to Portugal exclusively available to wealthy people? Not at all. When applying for a D7 residence permit, the applicant will not have to make huge investments. Who can take advantage of the favorable offer? These are representatives of the following groups:

  • retirees with regular passive income from abroad.
  • adherents of remote work with a regular income;
  • financially independent individuals.

This option is much easier and more affordable. And it has a lot of advantage. We will talk more about it in our article. 

Affordable cost

It is easier and cheaper to get a D7 visa than other programs. There is no need to invest huge funds in the country. It is enough to buy or rent real estate and confirm the presence of passive income from abroad of 760 euros per month. 

Medicine, education

The country has a decent level of social services. You can send your own children to schools and higher educational institutions in Portugal. Medical assistance is available for you and your family members in any clinic in the Schengen Agreement country. It is required to provide a visa-free travel card.

Right to work and to do business

According to Zlata Erlach (Immigrant Invest agency), new opportunities open up after obtaining a D7 visa. You can apply for a residence permit. It gives you the right to get a job or start your own business, providing jobs.

Flexible tax system

If you stay in the country for more than 183 days, you become a tax resident with the right to benefits. You will not have to pay double tax if it has already been paid in one of the countries with which you have signed an agreement to avoid double taxation.

Visa-free travel to the Schengen area

Travelling without borders is one of the undoubted pros. Today, everyone dreams of travelling to a new country to get acquainted with customs and sights and get interesting impressions. Citizens of Portugal have no restrictions in terms of movement around the Schengen countries. A free stay in another region for up to 90 days is allowed within one six-month period.

The easy way to residency

The procedure for obtaining a visa is simple. It does not take much time. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail. You will not need to look for a high-paying job or submit a business project in advance. Obtaining a visa is available to the applicant and his family members.

Obtaining citizenship

It is possible to apply for permanent residence in the country five years after you obtain a residence permit. There is no need to relinquish the existing passport, as dual citizenship is allowed in Portugal. The holder of a Portuguese passport can freely travel and reside in any EU country.


What is necessary to get Portugal d7 visa for nigerians? The most important thing is that you should not do it yourself. The best option is to contact a specialist, a company that provides services of this nature. You will need the following to complete the process:

  • collect the necessary documents;
  • current passport validity (minimum 6 months);
  • copy the documents, translate them into English;
  • fill in the form;
  • submit documents;
  • wait for approval;
  • receive the visa.

The cost of a D7 visa is not fixed. The final amount depends on the number of applicants and real estate (purchased, rented). The object’s purchase requires the payment of stamp duty and annual property tax.

The term of validity of the first residence permit is one year. At the end of the period, it can be extended for two years (not more than twice). More detailed information on this issue is available at immigrantinvest.com. 

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