Port Harcourt-Based Startup, Kaizen Digital Academy Launches in a Grand Style

It’s no longer news that the world has gone digital, and those with digital skills are highly sought after.


Despite this, there’s been a huge vacuum in Africa, especially in Nigeria, of platforms where African youths can be empowered with the needed skills to benefit maximally and leverage the digital age and wealth. 

Joseph Don, the founder, and CEO of Kaizen Digital Academy, identified this vacuum and decided to fill it up by creating an online learning platform that would enable people and organizations to have access to some of these digital skills.

This was what birthed Kaizen Digital Academy on the 29th of June, 2020. 

Kaizen is a Japanese word for “Continuous improvement,” and that’s the vision of Kaizen digital academy — to improve your life continuously and make all your dreams come true.


The academy has trained over 1000 Nigerians and Africans on digital skills like web development, copywriting, Graphic designing, affiliate marketing, sales, and digital marketing, and there have been lots of testimonies from the students.  

To continue its tradition of breaking new ground, taking on new challenges, and impacting more people,   Kaizen digital academy recently launched its headquarters and first physical structure in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, on the 25th of June, 2022. 

The event started at 10 am and was graced by top internet marketers in Nigeria like Tamilore Adewuyi and Bruno Nwogu, amongst others. There was also an array of students and well-wishers in attendance. 

They were all gathered to celebrate this groundbreaking and milestone achievement by Joseph Don, the founder and CEO of Kaizen Digital Academy. 

With the addition of a physical structure to the digital academy, the academy is working to achieve greater heights and empower more Nigerians. 


This is the dawn of a new era. Kaizen Digital Academy is introducing something novel in this part of the world and with the backing of the very energetic CEO, Joseph Don, the mission to empower and improve the lives of Nigerians can be achieved one person at a time.


Visit the Kaizen Academy website to equip yourself with digital skills for the new economy. 


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