Plain and Pattern Ankara Styles for Ladies 2022

You know what screams sophistication and elegance as a lady? It’s the ability to pair two different materials hence, plain and pattern Ankara styles for ladies.

That’s why more and more ladies are not relating in 2022 to mix a plain material with their Ankara material.

Plain and Pattern Ankara Styles for Ladies

For an outfit to be called plain and pattern, it means there is a merging of a plain fabric devoid of design, writing, or any other form of decoration with a patterned one which could mean a well-designed fabric, especially Ankara. 

Everyone desires to stand out when they go to events. This method of pairing your Ankara material with a plain one is the best way.

Your confidence is even boosted as you get compliments here and there. You even become a good source of publicity for your tailor. Wink!

Fashion is changing every day and the years of not wanting to go outside the box is over.

New styles have emerged and the brave ones are taking the stand and showing their fashion sense. 

The trick is to pick a colour that is either on the Ankara itself or one that complements it so well.

Most people always go for neutral colours like black, brown or white but they are not the only colours you can pair them with.

Step out of your style comfort zone and use the brighter colours in your dress and you will not be able to prevent jaw-dropping reactions from people.

Your choice of plain material is not limited to cotton, you can source for velvet (which is super classy on outfits by the way), jeans (yes! Don’t be surprised), lace, chiffon, tulle, even leather.

There is no limit to your creativity when it comes to fashion. Before you know it, more people want to be like you and show off the same styles 

Another brilliant thing about plain and pattern style is the fact that it is versatile so it can be incorporated into any outfit.

From long dresses to short gowns, skirts and blouses, blouses and shorts or trousers and even jumpsuits. It goes well with any and everything and it never goes out of fashion. It has come to stay.

Some key accessories to take note of are your belt, bag, hat, jewellery and shoes as they must do justice to the colour coordination.

Speaking of shoes, this plain and pattern style is not difficult to pair with either heels, sandals, flat shoes or sneakers. After all, the normal saying is to go big or go home, go, big sis!

Take a look at various styles here before you. You have so many options. There are options for events and weddings where it is your best or nothing so that extravagant style with not look out of the ordinary.

At that point, your plain material can be lace, feather material, or tulle. If on the other hand, it’s just a small outing with the family then the plain material could be a sweatshirt material or cotton to make sure it’s very free and breathable.

For that formal dinner wear, you may like to try silk, satin or velvet. Trust me it’ll change your whole look.

Watch out for pairing with beautiful and colourful accessories. Isn’t it looking lovely? The pop of colour is exactly what you need in your outfit.

Some people make the pattern just a little part of the design and for some others, it’s the plain material that is the little part. It is totally up to your discretion and creative design.

For plain and pattern styles, age is not a barrier at all. Every lady can take advantage of the style as long as they want to stand out.

The trouser options are not left out of this at all. Step in with a look like this and turn heads for sure.

Remember, it’s not only about the materials you use, the way you rock it and the way it fits you matters. First of all, try to get materials you’re comfortable in because comfort is of uttermost importance.

Next, know your body type so that you’ll be able to work around it and showcase the features you want to showcase.

This, therefore, makes you feel most confident because you know you look good so you feel good. That carriage and poise is the difference between a good outfit and a not so good one.


In summary, females who rock plain and pattern Ankara styles for ladies exude elegance and a classic poise.

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