Paylocity vs Paycom – Comparison and Review

Innovative software like Paylocity and Paycom has greatly revolutionalized the American Payroll system in the past decade.

If you are skeptical about what software to use between Paylocity and Paycom, then this Paylocity vs Paycom comparison and review will clear your doubts.

We must, however, state that these software are excellent in their rights and can offer you as much Satisfaction as you desire in payroll services.

This is not a paid review, nor do we stand to gain financial benefits from software owners.

This article provides you with an honest review of Paylocity and Paycom, stating the pros and cons of each of them.

Keep reading to find out more.

About Paylocity

Paylocity vs Paycom

Paylocity is an Illinois-based company created in 1997 whose service involves the provision of cloud-based payroll, human-based payroll, and human capital management software.

Steve Sarowitz founded Paylocity in 1997 with the name American payroll limited but later changed it in 2005 to its current name-Paylocity.

According to Inc magazine, Paylocity was one of the five thousand fastest-growing private companies in 2015.

paylocity generates an average of 120 million dollars annually. This year, Paylocity moved to the top 500 fortune faster-growing companies in America.

Paylocity offers intangible products such as payroll, workforce, and human resource management.

Paylocity prioritizes people and says that people are at the heart of everything they do.

From clients to partners and employees, Paylocity has a standard of being committed to the people as a factor of production.

The essence of her product offering is to provide a strategic platform for professionals to make crucial decisions while cultivating employee productivity.

As a reward for the company’s innovative and groundbreaking payroll and human relations management, paylocity has topped the ranks and won various awards.

Paylocity was ranked number one in Satisfaction on six Human capital management software-focused reports and 20 on glassdoor’s list of best places to work. 

About Paycom

paylocity vs Paycom

Paycom is a competitive substitute for Paylocity and is working hard to dominate Paylocity.

Paycom is an Oklahoma-based online payroll and human resource management expert.

Paycom is an innovation to payroll and human resource management as all of its services are done online even though it has offices in different parts of the United States of America.

Paycom was founded in 1998, and since then, it has grown to be listed by Forbes as one of the world’s fastest-growing companies.

Other rankings have put Paycom as number one on the list of the most innovative companies in the world.

Paycoms’ innovative status is due to its cloud payroll functionality.

Chad Richardson, a former worker in the payroll industry, is the founder of Paycom. Chad Richardson founded Paycom to be an online payroll service company.

However, just like growth is inevitable, Paycom grew and expanded its service offering to cover both payroll and human resource management.

Paycom Recorded an annual profit of $1.6 billion in 2021, about $200 million higher than its previous profit.

In Oklahoma, Paycom holds various awards for her innovative and accessible services.

Paycom is, in fact, one of the best places to work in Oklahoma, according to The Oklahoman.

Paylocity vs Paycom: Review

We will be reviewing paylocity and Paycom based on the following criteria:

  1. User Star Rating
  2. Ease of Access
  3. Value of Money
  4. Customer Support

Paylocity Vs Paycom: User Star Rating

USer star rating represents the level of satisfaction users of software derive from using it.

The user star rating is a pictorial representation of what users think of a particular service. So a high star rating signifies Satisfaction, while a low star rating signifies dissatisfaction.

Paylocity has a 4.29/5 star rating, while Paycom has a 4.34/5 star rating.

This means that more users prefer pay com to Paylocity.

Paylocity Vs Paycom: Ease of Access

Ease of access is a measure of how users feel about their usage of the software.

In other words, how easy or difficult it is to navigate the various features of the website makes up for ease of access.

Users say that Paylocity had a good personality and productivity score on this website.

Users also say that the desktop and mobile application versions were easy to navigate.

Overall, the general thought for Paylocity’s ease of access is slow but thorough.

Paycom users say the software helps solve payroll problems before they arise.

This is possible through the integration of separate platforms to make for simplified processes and efficiencies.

Paycom users say Paycom helps them focus on the big picture rather than more minor matters. 

Paylocity Vs Paycom: Value of Money

Paylocity and Paycom offer free trials before a paid subscription. They also charge $20 per month on their plans.

Given the ease of access ranking for paylocity and Paycom, especially what users are saying about them, Paylocity gives you a good run for your money, but Paycom gives you a better run.

Therefore, in terms of the value of money, Paycom is a better option, and you are likely to smile after using Paycom than after using paylocity.

Paylocity Vs Paycom: Customer Support

Customer support refers to the amount of assistance the company offers to users in terms of navigating the software.

Paylocity ranks higher than Paycom in terms of customer support. This is because Paycom is online.

Paylocity offers both online and offline payroll software services. Hence they have a higher customer support margin than Paycom.

Advantages of Paycom

Paycom is efficient, user-friendly, and allows applicant tracking.

The Paycom software allows staff onboarding, payroll, and human relations statistics.

Paycom is a cheap and affordable tool for large organizations and small non-profits.

On the software, employees have access to their profiles and can easily change them when necessary. Employees are also responsible for time cards.

Advantages of Paylocity

  • Paylocity allows easy payment for goods and services. It can be integrated into any website for cost and receipt of every kind of payment.
  • Paylocity regularly improves its software using feedback from customers.
  • Paylocity also offers education on navigating the software and professional courses on human capital management.


Paylocity and Paycom are two excellent payroll and human resource management companies making waves in the American Market.

This review only served to create a paylocity vs Paycom comparison, and we hoped it was helpful.

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