Oduduwa University Ile-Ife (OUI) School Fees & Acceptance Fee for 2022/2023 Academic Session

The management of the Oduduwa University Ile-Ife (OUI) has announced the deadline for payment of school fees and registration for the 2022/2023 Academic Session.

Newly admitted and returning students are advised to pay up all the fees required by the school before the deadline.

OUI Postgraduate Admission Form 2022/2023

Oduduwa University School Fees

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Fresh Students:

GROUPSCOURSE/PROGRAMMETotal School Fees per Semester
AB.Sc Physics, B.Sc Industrial Chemistry, B.Sc Computer Engineering, B.Sc Estate Management, B.sc Quantity Survey#185,000
BB.Sc Public Admin, B.Sc Political Science, B.Sc Architecture, B.Sc Elect Elect, B.Sc Mech Eng, B.Sc Banking & Finance#195,000
CB.Sc Economics, B.Sc Accounting, B.Sc Mass communication, B.Sc Business Admin, B.Sc International Relations, B.Sc Microbiology, B.Sc Computer Science, B.Sc Biochemistry#245,000
MBA, M.Phil etc
#210,000 (Full-Time)
#350,000 (Part-Time)
#120,000 (Full-Time)
#180,000 (Part-Time)
EPre- Degree/ Access Degree
Part-Time Degrees


  1. New Students to add #10,000 for books per semester
  2. New Students must pay on a separate teller, a non-refundable acceptance fee of #50,000 and get matriculation numbers.
  3. Log on to www.oduduwauniversity.edu.ng. Click on the student portal use your matric number to update your biodata and register your courses etc. { your matric number serves as user name and password}
  4. No more course forms
  5. All stalites to do same as in (3) above
  6. Print your course registration form, attach teller(s) and other documents & take to Bursary Unit, Bursar to attach this to duplicate Receipt
  7. All secretaries to the provost are teller confirmers.
  8. Scholarships are available, collect a free form from Registrar and get 25%, or 50% or 75% or 100% FREE School fees.


1God’s Time HostelIfe TownN40,000 per session2 persons in a roomFemale Polytechnic StudentsZenith Bank – 10171331882 IYEBO OLU ENTERPRISESTPI BURSARY
2King’s HallIfe TownN36,000 per session2 personsmale Polytechnic StudentsZenith Bank – 1011327289TPI BURSARY
3Queen Fatimoh Hall, Opposite RACOET, OUIlIfe Town (Old Poly)N70,000 per session2 personsFemale OUI onlyFirst Bank -2014371839OUI BURSARY
4Awosusi HallIfe Town (Old OAU Road 7)N60, 000 per room per session1 personMale & Female OUI, TPI or outsidersGT BankBETA FOUNDATION 0037370171CALL:08056565656, 08037177592
5OUI Staff QuartersIFE TOWNInside Oduduwa UniversityN60, 000 per flat per annum1 personMixed (Staff Only)GT Bank MAYETEL RESORTS – 0037368314ENGR. ABIODUN 08034165990
6Hilton/Residency (Back of Hilton)IFE TOWNN70, 000 per annum2 personStudentGT Bank, BETA FOUNDATION 0037370171CALL:08056565656, 08037177592
7Kings HallIfe Town (Parakin)N36, 000 per session2 students onlyMale Polytechnic students onlyZenith Bank – 1011327289TPI BURSARY
8Maye Guest House in TownIIfe Town (Beside Maye’s Castle of Peace) Place of MayeN150, 000 per annum1 personStudent or staff (approval required)GT Bank MAYETEL RESORTS – 0037368314CALL:08037177592
9(RAPH) Hilton Hall for ceremoniesIfe TownN250, 000 per day2000 peopleEvent HallZenith Bank – 1011641606HILTON HOTEL 08060225555
10Ramon Adedoyin Presidential Hall for CeremoniesInside OUIN60, 000 per day2000 peopleEvent HallFAMF BANK OUI GENERAL ACCOUNT 1030100032OUI BURSARY
11Ramon Adedoyin Presidential Hall for CeremoniesInside PolyN40, 000 per day1000 peopleEvent HallGT BANK – THE POLYTECHNIC, ILE-IFE 0037052103TPI BURSARY
12Adeline HallIFE TownN30,000 per session3 personMale only TPI/OUI
13Adeline HallInside OUIN100, 000 per session2 personsFemale only for OUI onlyOduduwa UniversityZenith Bank – 1012183291OUI BURSARY
14Maye HallInside OUIN120, 000 per session/p>2 personsMale only for OUI onlyOduduwa University Zenith Bank – 1012183291OUI BURSARY
15I.O.A. Sports HallInside OUIN80, 000 per session3 personsFemale only for OUI onlyOduduwa University Zenith Bank – 1012183291OUI BURSARY
16Oyetade HallInside OUIN70, 000 per session3 personsMale only for OUI onlyOduduwa University Zenith Bank – 1012183291OUI BURSARY
17Oba S.F. Omisakin – Hall (Obalufe Hall)Ife Town (Parakin)N70, 000 per session3personsMale only for OUI onlyOduduwa University Zenith Bank – 1012183291OUI BURSARY
18Atobatele HallIfe TownN70, 000 per session3 personsMale only for OUI onlyOduduwa University Zenith Bank – 1012183291OUI BURSARY
19Adetola HallInside OUIN140, 000 per session1 personFemale only for OUI onlyUniversity Zenith Bank – 1012183291OUI BURSARY
20Oranmiyan HallIfe TownN36, 000 per session2 personsMale onlyZenith Bank – 1011327289TPI BURSARY

Pay all total due to any of these Bank accounts. (except hostel)

  • Zenith Bank A/C – 1012183291
  • GT Bank A/C – 0117709602
  • UBA A/C – 1017690523
  • WEMA Bank A/C – 0122275995

A Blue copy teller is to be used as an instrument of payment


  • Hostel Exemption fees must be paid with school fees

Note 3: Exemption from Hostel is #26,000 per semester x2 = #52,000 per session pays with School fees. The hostel is compulsory for fresher.

Note 4: Take Customer copy of teller to the teller for confirmation, before you go online, Secretaries to provost confirm teller

Note 5: Canteens are available and food ranges between #100 and #300 per plate (You have a choice) cooking in the hostel is NOT allowed. Per person bring your
Refrigerator, DSTV etc. They are allowed in the hostel at #10,000 per semester.

Note 6: Avoid paying through any staff or student, pay directly to the bank yourself. If your Parent is paying for you, your name must be written on the teller not your parents

Note 7: send an e-mail to president@oduduwauniversity.edu.ng if anybody requests any payment outside the above or Text 08056565656.

Returning Students:

Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, International Relations, [Public Administration, Political Science, Banking & Finance, Mathematics, Architecture, Estate Management, Quantity Surveying Departments.#160,000#8,000#2,000#170,000
Physics with Electronics
Computer Engineering
Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Microbiology , Biochemistry
Industrial Chemistry
Computer Science
Mass Communication
Note: A) New Students to Add #10,000 for Books
B) New Students Must Pay on a separate Teller, Acceptance Fees of #50,000 (Non-Refundable) and get Matriculation Numbers.
C) Take details to www.oduduwauniversity.edu.ng Click the portal, then register.
D) All Stalites to do the same as in (C) above.
E) No more Course Forms
F) Print what You get and take it to Your HOD or Provost or Registrar or Vice-Chancellor or The Executive Assistant to the President (EAP) for approval.
G) HOD or Provost or Registrar etc to take to Bursar. No Student to physically go to Bursar UNLESS INVITED.
H) All Secretaries to Provosts are Teller Confirmers. Internet facility of #2,500 Compulsory for Staff and Students.

Accommodation A: Hostel Inside OUI @ IOA, Oyetade, Beta Foundation and Maye Halls.

  • Type A – 4 Bedded @ #26,000 per semester
  • Type B – 3 Bedded @ #35,000 per semester
  • Type C – 2 Bedded @ #50,000 per semester
  • Type D – 1 Bedded @ #75,000 per semester

You must PAY per Session (2 Semesters equal to One Session)

Accommodation B: Hostel Outside OUI, School provides Buses @ #50 per trip @ Queen Fatimah, Obalufe and Olusanu Halls etc.

  • Type A – 4 Bedded @ #15,000 per semester
  • Type B – 3 Bedded @ #25,000 per semester
  • Type C – 2 Bedded @ #36,000 per semester
  • Type A – 1 Bedded @ #50,000 per semester

You must PAY per Session ( 2 Semesters equal to One Session)

Pay all Total Due to Bank Accounts as Stated below. (Except Hostel fees)

  • Zenith Bank A/C – 1012183291
  • Wema Bank A/C – 0122275995
  • First Access MicroFinance Bank A/C – 1040100019 inside the University.
  • GTB Bank A/C – 0117709602
  • UBA Bank A/C – 1017690523
  • First Bank A/C – 2014371839

And for Hostel fees, Pay to

  • Hostel Account First Bank A/C – 2014371839
  • Or Wema Bank (same as above)
  • Or First Access MicroFinance Bank A/C – 1040100019 inside the University.

Exemption from Hostel is #26,000 per Semester

Take Customer’s Copy of Teller to Confirmer for Confirmation, before You do Online Registration (Secretaries to Provosts are Confirmers)

Canteens are available and Food ranges between #100 and #300 per plate( You have a choice). Cooking in the Hostel is allowed but with Kerosene Stove. No Cooking Gas and Electric Cooker. Bring your Refrigerator, DSTV etc, they are allowed in the Hostel at #10,000 per Semester.

Avoid Paying through any Staff or Student. Pay directly to the Bank. If your parents are paying for you, your name must be written on the Teller, not your Parent’s name

Never pay any departmental fee.


We hope that this article gives you clarity on how much OUI school fees are, irrespective of the program you want to enrol in.

We will be sure to update this article if there are any amendments by the school authority.

We wish you luck in your academic pursuit.

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