OKOPOLY Department of Statistics Admission Requirement

This article is designed to help students who wish to study Statistics  Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Technology  in   Federal Polytechnic, Oko (OKOPOLY) as it is very important for all candidates who wish to apply for any of the courses offered in OKOPOLY to  carefully confirm and see if the course they Selected is offered in the institution before registering for JAMB.

The polytechnic is situated within Oko town in Orumba North Local Government of Anambra State. The kernel of what eventually became the polytechnic was the brain child of the Oko Progressive Union (OPU) greatly catalyzed by the patronage, resourcefulness and result oriented leadership of its pioneer chairman, a former Executive Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Alex Ekwueme.

The institution is strategically located and surrounded by several centres of industries, commerce and diverse local crafts such as Awka (well known for blacksmith/iron works), Nnewi (Industry and technological products) and Onitsha and Aba (reputed for Commerce and Industries). The climatic condition of the host community, Ok ranges between 28 and 42 degrees centigrade. It is one of the fastest developing tertiary institutions in Nigeria with high futuristic disposition. It has functional memorandum of understanding with different universities within and outside the country. The Polytechnic has three campuses.

  • The main campus at Oko which occupies a total land area of 89 hectres.
  • Ufuma campus: This occupies a total land area of 52 hectres.
  • Atani campus: This occupies a total area of 40 hectres.

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Nigerian Polytechnics Offering Statistics 

   To study Statistics  candidates must meet the following requirements.


The O’level subject combination and requirements needed to study Statistics;

You require; Mathematics,
a basic science and three other subjects chosen from the following:
Further Mathematics,
Biology/Agricultural Science.
English Language,
credit passes in English Language and Physics are compulsory.


In UTME, please note that English Language is Compulsory for this course. Therefore, the three (3) other JAMB UTME subject combination needed to study Statistics under the Faculty of Engineering, Environment & Technology in the above Universities include;

Any of the two:
1. Economics/Commerce
4. Mathematics


a) ILAROPOLY requires Mathematics, a basic science subject and any other subjects chosen from Economics/Commerce, Geography, Government/History, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology/Agricultural Science.

b) FEDPONAM also accepts Physics and Chemistry.

c) KAD-POLY accepts Mathematics and any two from Social or Physical Sciences.

d) FCAHPTIB requires Mathematics and any two from Geography, Physics, Economics and Chemistry.

e) FCFJOS accepts either of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Economics, Biology or Geography.


These are the conditions you need to fulfill to gain Direct Entry admission to study Statistics, if you don’t intend to use UTME.

You require; a) KWA-POLY and ADAMAWAPOLY require credit in one Science Subject.

b) IBADANPOLY accepts Credit passes in Economic/Commerce, Statistics and at least a Pass in English Language but does not accept History.

c) IMTE does not insist on credit in Physics, and does not accept History, Commerce and Food & Nut. as subject for course requirements.

e) AGP requires credit in English Language.

f) EKITIPOLY requires an additional credit in a science subject.

g) NASARAWAPOLY requires credits in Mathematics, a Social Sci. Subject, a basic Sci. subject and one other from the subjects listed in column 2 for Comp. Sci. Also a pass in English Language is required.

h) NASARAWAPOLY requires Mathematics and Economics, Commerce/Geo/Govt as UTME subjects.

i) YABATECH requires credit in English Language, Mathematics and any of Physics, Chemistry, Economics/Commerce, Biology or Further Mathematics Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Economics, Biology/Agricultural Science, Commerce or Accounting, Government/History at not more than two sittings.

j) ILAROPOLY requires credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, a basic science subject and two other subjects chosen from Economics/Commerce, Geography, Government/History, Further Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology/Agricultural Science as course requirement.

k) EDEPOLY does not aspect on credit in Physics and does not accept Commerce.

l) IGBAJO and FIDEIPOLY require five credit in Mathematics, Eng. Lang, Physics and any other two subjects from the following: Chemistry, Bio/Agric, Further Math, Technical Drawing at not more than two sitting

m) NEKEDEPOLY accepts Chemistry or Biology in place of Physics. Also does not accept Commerce and Government as UTME subjects.

o) RUGIPO requires Mathematics and any two of Geography, Physics, Economics and Chemistry as UTME subject combination.

p) KWARAPOLY accepts Statistics as course requirement.

q) RUGIPO accepts a pass in English Language.

r) EDEPOLY requires credit in one Science Subject and does not accept Typewriting.

s) AKANUPOLY accepts Mathematics and any two of Further Mathematics or Additional Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Agricultural Science, Economics or Geography or Commerce.

t) OFFAPOLY requires Mathematics as UTME subject and any two other from Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Agricultural Science, Economics/ Geography/Commerce/Government.

u) BAUCHIPOLY accepts Mathematics as core UTME subject plus any three of Economics/Commerce/Government, and any Science subject.

v) OSPOLY requires credit pass in one basic Science subject.

w) IBADANPOLY requires credit passes in Mathematics, English Language, Physics and any other two from Economics, Geography, Chemistry, Biology/Agricultural Science.

x) FCFJOS requires Five O’ level credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Physics and any two of Chemistry, Biology, Geography, and Economics as course requirement.

y) MAPOLY accepts four credits at not more than two sittings to include Mathematics with at least a pass in English language. English Language is not counted as required credit pass.

z) AISCAS requires credit passes in Mathematics, Physics/Chemistry and any other two subjects from Biology/Agricultural Science, Further Mathematics, Statistics, Technical Drawing, Physics, Chemistry and a pass in English Language.

JAMB Score

All candidates interested in getting admitted into Federal Polytechnic, Oko   for the 2019/2020 session, should know that to be eligible for the screening, you must have scored 100 or above in your JAMB result.

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