In what has been described as unprecedented, Ekiti State University (EKSU) has scored 100% in the last accreditation of Academic programmes carried out by the National Universities Commission (NUC).

During the accreditation exercise which was done in late 2017, the University presented thirty eight (38) academic programmes to the NUC visitation teams and all were accredited.

In a letter written to the University by the NUC, thirty five (35) out of the academic programmes received full accreditation status while three (3) got interim accreditation.

The EKSU Vice Chancellor, Professor Samuel Oye Bandele gave the breakdown of the accredited academic programmes across the faculties to include full accreditation for Accounting, Banking and Finance and Business Administration in the Faculty of Management Sciences and all courses presented in the faculty of Agricultural Sciences.

Similarly, the seven academic programmes presented for accreditation in the Faculty of Arts received full accreditation.

Also, thirteen (13) academic programmes in the Faculty of Education scaled through with full accreditation by the NUC and the Faculty of Science, recorded full accreditation in eight (8) courses presented including Microbiology, Biochemistry, Zoology, Science Laboratory Technology and Plant Science.

Mechanical Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering got full accreditation and in the Faculty of the Social Sciences: Sociology and Geography and Planning Science scaled through.

The three courses which got interim accreditation are: Education Electrical/Electronics Technology, Education Metal and Auto Mechanic Technology as well as Psychology in the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Professor Bandele said the College of Medicine had already been duly accredited by relevant professional bodies and the NUC.

Commenting on the feat, the Vice Chancellor said “this time is a good time for education in Ekiti State following the number one position of Ekiti State in NECO in the entire country and now the State-owned University has emerged as one of the best Universities in Nigeria with full accreditation for all its programmes presented in the last accreditation exercise

Professor Bandele commended the Visitor to the University, Governor Ayodele Fayose who gave all necessary support for the success of the accreditation exercise and thanked the Pro-Chancellor, Chairman of the Governing Council, Dele Adesina, SAN for his commitment and thoroughness in achieving the feat.

Details of the programme presented for accreditation and the results are:



  1. Accounting                                           –    Full
  2. Banking and Finance                        –    Full
  3. Business Administration                 –    Full



  1. Agriculture                                                         –    Full
  2. Fisheries                                                             –    Full
  3. Forestry and Wildlife Management              –    Full


  1. Christian Religious Studies                    –    Full
  2. English Language                                     –    Full
  3. French                                                         –    Full
  4. History and International Studies         –    Full
  5. Linguistics                                                   –    Full
  6. Theatre Arts                                                –    Full
  7. Yoruba                                                         –    Full
See also list of courses offered in EKSU


  1. Adult Education                            –    Full
  2. Agricultural Education                        –    Full
  3. Business Education                        –    Full
  4. Early Childhood                            –    Full
  5. Education Biology                        –    Full
  6. Education Chemistry                        –    Full
  7. Education Electrical/Electronics Technology        –    Interim
  8. Education English Language                    –    Full
  9. Educational Management                    –    Full
  10. Education Metal and Auto Mechanics Technology    –    Interim
  11. Education Physics                        –    Full
  12. Education Yoruba                        –    Full
  13. Guidance and Counselling                    –    Full



  1. Mechanical Engineering                    –    Full



  1. Biochemistry                            –    Full
  2. Chemistry                                –    Full
  3. Computer Science                        –    Full
  4. Mathematics                            –    Full
  5. Microbiology                            –    Full
  6. Plant Science                            –    Full
  7. Science Laboratory Technology                –    Full
  8. Zoology and Environmental Biology            –    Full



  1. Geography and Planning                    –    Full
  2. Psychology                             –    Interim

Sociology                                –    Full