Nancy Susan Reynolds Scholarship

Nancy Susan Reynolds Scholars must be not only excellent students and promising scholars but also creative leaders who can influence others in directions likely to benefit society.

They will have achieved unusual distinctions in the classroom and beyond. Successful applicants have pursued the most challenging curriculum available to them. They have achieved grade point averages and standardized test scores (if submitted) that place them in the top percentage compared to their peers.

Further, Reynolds Scholars have typically been leaders in various extracurricular pursuits and won recognition for their interests at the regional, state, or national levels.


Though criteria differ slightly, all scholarship programs recognize extraordinary achievement, leadership, and talent. Recipients embody those qualities that have led their predecessors since 1986 to thirteen Rhodes Scholarships, three Marshall Scholarships, twelve Truman Scholarships, over ninety Fulbright Scholars, and other honors, including Gates, Goldwater, Beinecke, and Luce.


Reynolds Scholarships have been awarded since 1982, and up to five Reynolds Scholars are chosen annually. Each Reynolds Scholarship covers the annual tuition, room, and board costs, plus $3,400 for personal expenses. Reynolds Scholars are encouraged to apply for up to $5,000 for research, study, or travel projects during the three summers between the first and senior years.


Most scholarships (including the full-cost Signature Scholarships) do not require a separate merit-based scholarship application. Instead, students need only submit a complete application for undergraduate admissions by November 15. Finalists for scholarships that require more comprehensive interviews or auditions will be notified by the end of March.

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