Mater Misericordiae College of Nursing Sciences Afikpo 36th Matriculation Ceremony 2023

The administrative team of Mater Misericordiae College of Nursing Sciences, Afikpo, is thrilled to invite students, the college community, and the general public to participate in the upcoming 36th matriculation ceremony.

  • Event Details
  • Date: 10th June 2023
  • Time: 9 am
  • Venue: Mater Parish Field

This grand occasion marks the formal admission of newly enrolled students into the college. It serves as a celebration of the continuity of educational excellence at Mater Misericordiae College of Nursing Sciences.

The matriculation ceremony is a revered tradition at Mater Misericordiae College. It signifies the official entry of new students into higher learning.

As the students take the matriculation oath, they formally become part of the academic community, committed to the pursuit of knowledge and adherence to the college’s rules and regulations.


Please mark your calendars for this momentous occasion as Mater Misericordiae College of Nursing Sciences Afikpo celebrates the achievements of its students during the Matriculation Ceremony.


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Happy Matriculation


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