20+ Lucrative Businesses In Nigeria

There are lots of profitable businesses you can start up if you are interested in becoming a successful entrepreneur in Nigeria. In this article, we are going to be giving you 20+ lucrative businesses in Nigeria.

If you have been having challenges deciding which business you want to start out with, you can take a look at the list of business below and choose which one works best with you.

List of 20+ lucrative businesses in Nigeria

1. Real Estate Business

This is a business in Nigeria that has not yet been fully tapped into. So if you are looking for a business that will bring you much business, real estate business is the real deal 

2. Cake and Cupcake bakery

If you have skill in baking and decorating cakes. You can start this business. A lot of people have reasons to celebrate daily which gives you more customers to make cakes for sale daily.

3. Dry cleaning business

The busy schedule of numerous people do not give them the time to keep taking care of their dirty laundry. You can provide a solution to this by offering laundry services and charge your fee. You will be surprised at the number of people that are actually in need of laundry services in Nigeria once you start this business.

4. Affiliate marketing

This is a very easy way to make money online in Nigeria. In fact , it is one of the best ways to make fast , legit and easy money.

Affiliate marketing is about selling other people’s product and getting a commission for your sales. The product does not have to be yours, once you sign up to be an affiliate marketer, you will be given an affiliate link which you will use to promote the products.

For every click on this link that leads to sales for the company, you will get a commission.

5. Sales of mobile phones and accessories

You can also go into the sales of phones and accessories. Everyone knows the importance of having a mobile phone in this generation, this is what makes the sales of phones lucrative in Nigeria.

6. Blogging

All you have to do is to set up a blog and consistently post content. Doing this will bring in money for you.

7. Car wash business

You can help people free themselves from the stress of having to wash their dirty cars daily while getting some cool cash at the same time.

8. Fashion design and tailoring

This is also a business that will always make profits in Nigeria. As long as we all need to wear something suitable and look good for our outings and events, this business will always make sales.

9. Skin care business

Everyone wants a glowing and attractive skin and as long as they can afford it, they will keep coming for skin care to improve the condition of their skin.

10. Car dealerships

If you have nice and best cars for sale, this is a lucrative business in Nigeria. Everyday cars are being bought off the market and you can start selling yours when you start too.

11. Freelance content writing

This is another online business that is profitable. All you have to is to create excellent content on the topics you are to write on and you will be paid for your services.

12. Cosmetics and hair salon

Make people look good, barb or make their hair according to their preference and you will be paid for delivering your services.

13. Consultancy

If you know you have a bank of knowledge that can help people out of predicaments. You can turn this into a business, people can consult you for solutions to their business, relationship challenges and you will give them the answers they need in return for their money.


Here are other lists of other businesses you can also start-up in Nigeria:

14. Rental services

15. Restaurant business

16. Drop shipping

17. Mini importation business

18. Hotel business

19. Supermarket

20. Forex trading

21. Script writing

22. Furniture making

23. Photography

24. Sports viewing center


In conclusion, setting up a lucrative business in Nigeria has a lot to do with your personality as a person.

Know yourself and what works for you and also ensure you make an extensive market research before starting.

We hope the list of 20+ lucrative business in Nigeria provided above will do you a whole of help in starting out your own business.

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