List Of Courses Offered In NAUB

This is to inform the general Public and all Nigerian students more especially the  Joint Admission And Matriculation Board (JAMB) Candidates who wish to pursue a Degree program in Nigerian Army University Biu (NAUB) That the official list of courses offered in the school is now available.

NAUB Courses & Programmes.

Faculty of Environmental Science

Department of Architecture
– B.Tech. Architecture
– B.Tech. Landscape Architecture
Department of Building 
– B.Tech. Building
Department of Quantity Surveying
– B.Tech. Quantity Surveying
Department of Environmental Science
– B.Tech. Environmental Safety Technology
Department of Estate Management
– B.Tech. Estate Management
Department of Surveying and Geo-Informatics
– B.Tech. Surveying & Geo-Informatics

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Faculty of Science

Department of Chemistry
– B.Tech Applied Chemistry
– B.Sc. Chemistry
– B.Sc. Substance Abuse Studies Certification
– B.Tech Environmental Chemistry
Department of Biological Sciences
– B.Sc. Biology
– B.Sc. Biochemistry
– B.Sc. Microbiology
– B.Tech Applied Biology
– B.Tech. Environmental Management & Toxicology
– B.Tech. Plant Biotechnology
Department of Mathematics
– B.Tech Applied Mathematics
– B.Sc. Mathematics
– B.Tech Computing Science
– B.Tech Statistics
Department of Physics 
– B.Tech Engineering Physics
– B.Sc. Physics
Department of Science Laboratory Technology
– B.Tech. Science Lab Tech.

Faculty of Technology

Department of Agricultural Engineering
– B.Eng. Agricultural Engineering(Soil & Water)
– B.Eng. Agricultural Engineering( Farm Power & Machine)
– B.Eng. Agricultural Engineering(Irrigation)
Department of Civil Engineering 
– B.Eng. Civil Engineering
– B.Eng. Water Resources & Environmental Engineering
– B.Eng. Transportation Engineering
– B.Eng. Structural Engineering
– B.Eng. Construction Engineering
Department of Chemical Engineering
– B.Eng. Chemical Engineering
– B. Eng. Petroleum refining & Gas Engineering
– B. Eng. Ceramic Engineering
– B. Eng. Material Engineering
Department of Mechanical Engineering
– B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering
– B.Eng. Industrial and Production Engineering
– B.Eng. Plant Engineering
Department of Computer Engineering
– B.Eng. Computer Engineering
– B.Eng. Information Technology Systems
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
– B.Eng. Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering
– B.Eng. Power and Machines Engineering
– B.Eng. Control & Instrumentation Engineering
Department of Mineral and Metallurgical Engineering
– B.Eng. Metallurgical Engineering
– B.Eng. Mineral Engineering
Department of Geological and Mining Engineering
– B.Eng. Geological Engineering
– B.Eng. Mining Engineering
Department of Food Science and Technology
– B.Tech. Food Technology

Faculty of Military Technology

Department of Combat Technology
Department of Defence Chemistry and New Materials
– B.Tech Explosives Technology
– B.Tech. Polymer Technology
Department of Vocational Technology
– B.Tech. Automobile Technology
– B.Tech. Metal Work Technology
– B.Tech. Woodwork Technology
Department of Instruments Science and Technology
Department of Mechatronics and Automation
Department of Navigation Guidance and Control
Department of Pattern Recognition & Intelligent System Technology
Department of Propulsion Technology
Department of Weapons and Armaments Technology

Faculty of Administration and Management Studies

Department of Management
– B.Tech. Management Technology
– B.Tech. Office Technology and Information Management
– B.Sc. Industrial Relations and Personnel Management
– B.Sc. Business Management/Administration
Department of Public Administration
– B.Sc. Public Administration
– B.Sc. Policy and Administrative Studies
– B.Sc. Cooperatives and Rural Development
Department of Rehabilitative Science
– B.Tech. Rehabilitative Science
– B.Tech. Social Work

Faculty of Social Science

Department of Mass Communication
– B.Tech. Mass Communications
– B.Tech. Public Relations
Department of Economics and Social Studies
– B.Sc. Economics
– B.Sc. Exercise and Sports Sciences
– B.Sc. International Economics
– B.Sc. Recreation and Leisure Sciences
Department of Sociology, Psychology and Political Science
– B.Sc. International Relations
– B.Sc. Criminology and Security Studies
– B.Sc. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
– B.Sc. Political Science
– B.Sc. Psychology
– B.Sc. Sociology

Faculty of Military Policy, Logistics and Strategy

Department of Defence Economics
Department of National Defence Policy
Department of Military Strategy
Department of Military Combat Logistics
Department of Data Management for Combat Readiness
Department of Reorientation, Rehabilitation and Reintegration Studies

Other Colleges/Institutes/Centres/Schools

i. College of Post Graduate Studies
ii. Technology Entrepreneurship Development Centre
iii. School of Basic and Remedial Studies
iv. Centre for Research, Development & Innovation
v. Centre for Information & Computer Technology

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