Official List of Courses Offered in ASCOEA (Aminu Saleh College of Education Azare) 2023/2024

At Aminu Saleh College of Education Azare, various courses and programs are available at the tertiary institution.

ASCOE Cut-off Mark

Aminu Saleh College of Education has provided the official list of courses and departments offering the practical skills required for each program.

Aminu Saleh College of Education Courses

Here is a list of courses that can be offered at the Aminu Saleh College of Education.

School of General Education

  • Department of Curriculum Studies ·
    • Curriculum Studies
  • Department of Educational Foundations ·
    • Educational Foundations
  • Department of Educational Psychology ·
    • Educational Psychology
  • Department of General Studies ·
    • General Studies

School of Science

  • Biology
  • Department of Chemistry ·
  • Chemistry
  • Department of Computer Science ·
  • Computer Science
  • Department of Integrated Science
  • Integrated Science
  • Department of Mathematics ·
  • Mathematics
  • Department of Physical and Health Education ·
  • Physical and Health Education

School of Languages

  • Department of Arabic
  • Arabic
  • Department of English
  • English
  • Department of Hausa
  • Hausa

School of Early Childhood Care and Primary Education

  • Department of Early Childhood Care and Education ·
  • Early Childhood Care and Education
  • Department of Primary Education
  • Primary Education

School of Undergraduate Studies Programmes

  • B.a. (Ed.) Arabic I
  • B.a. (Ed.) English
  • B.a. (Ed.) Hausa
  • B.a. (Ed.) Islamic
  • B. SC. (Ed.) Agriculture
  • B. SC. (Ed.) Biology
  • B. SC. (Ed.) Business
  • B. SC. (Ed.) Chemistry
  • B. SC. (Ed.) Economics
  • B. SC. (Ed.) Health Education
  • B. SC. (Ed.) Mathematics
  • B. SC. (Ed.) Physical Education
  • B. SC. (Ed.) Physics


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