List of Courses in College Of Education, Lafiagi (COEDLFG) 2023

College Of Education, Lafiagi (COEDLFG) is a state college located in Kwara state. This is the official list of departments and courses offered by the Lafiagi College of Education (COEDLFG).

Courses / Departments in COEDLFG

  • Biology / Chemistry
  • Biology / Integrated Science
  • Biology / Mathematics
  • Biology / Physics
  • Business Education
  • Chemistry / Integrated Science
  • Chemistry / Mathematics
  • Chemistry / Physics
  • Computer Education / Physics
  • Computer Education / Biology
  • Computer Education / Chemistry
  • Computer Education / Economics
  • Computer Science Education / Integrated Science
  • Computer Science Education / Mathematics
  • Economics / Mathematics
  • Education and English Language
  • Integrated Science / Mathematics Education
  • Integrated Science / Physics
  • Mathematics / Physics
  • Technical Education


We hope that this article gives you clarity on the List of Courses in the College Of Education, Lafiagi (COEDLFG), irrespective of the program you want to enroll in.

We will be sure to update this article if there are any amendments by the school authority.

We wish you luck in your academic pursuit.

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