Lagos State University (LASU) Notice to Graduands on 25th Convocation Ceremony

The Lagos State University (LASU) has released notice to all graduands ahead of the 25th convocation ceremony which has been scheduled to hold on 23rd and 24th March 2023.

The management of Lagos State University (LASU) wish to inform the general public and graduands on related information about the 25th convocation ceremony which has been scheduled to hold on the 23rd and 24th of March, 2023.

This notice includes the convocation fee payment procedures, academic gown collection, convocation pack collection and other related information.

Convocation Ceremonies: LASU Notice to Graduands

  • Diploma and First Degree Graduands are required to pay a mandatory sum of Twenty-Seven Thousand Naira [N27,000.00], while Postgraduate (Diploma and Masters) Graduands are to pay the sum of Thirty-Seven Thousand Naira (N37,000.00) only, online via Invitation cards, Notice AND Convocation Package will thereafter be issued on the presentation of receipt of payment. 
  • Academic Gown should be returned immediately, after the Ceremony and latest by Friday, 25th March 2023
  • Any graduand who holds on to the Academic Gown beyond Friday, 25th March 2023, will be liable to a fine of Five Hundred Naira [N500:00] only, for each day of default. Also, any graduand who loses OR damages the Academic Gown would pay a sum of Thirty Thousand, Naira [N30,000:00] only, as a replacement fee. Postgraduate Graduands [PhD Only] are required to pay a sum of Eighty Thousand (N80,000:00) Naira only, via the above link for procuring the University Academic Gown and their Certificate.
  • Graduands are to NOTE that certificates will be available for collection immediately after the Convocation ceremonies, subject to the return of academic gown.
  • First-degree graduands are to move the tassels of their caps from right to left at a point during the ceremony when the Vice-Chancellor declares; “I admit you all”. This signifies their admission into the body of Graduates of Lagos State University (LASU).Higher degree recipients should put on their caps, with the tassels placed at the left-hand side, since they already have their first degrees.
  • ALL graduands should seek the assistance of Faculty Officers to ensure that the hood and cap are properly worn, with the tassels (cords) of the cap positioned to the right,
  • Female graduands are expected to show courtesy when they shake hands with the Vice-Chancellor, while male graduands bow, but should NOT remove their caps. 
  • Parents/Guardians and Invited Guests are advised to be seated NOT later than 8.30 a.m. on Wednesday 23rd and 10.00 am on Thursday 24th March, 2023.


  • Graduands are to join the Convocation Procession by 9.00a.m, failing which they will not be allowed to join the procession and into the Auditorium.
  • Graduands in each Faculty are expected to be seated in the sections provided for them in the University Auditorium Complex. 
    The Convocation package comprising:
    • Order of proceedings;
    • Convocation brochure (1 copy each) 
    • Academic Gown 
      Will be given to graduands by their “respective Faculty Officers OR Secretary to the Postgraduate School, for Higher Degrees as the case may be:
  • UNAUTHORIZED MOVEMENTS AND TAKING OF PHOTOGRAPHS WILL NOT be allowed during the Convocation Ceremonies. Graduands are therefore advised in their own interest to complete such activity before coming into the University Auditorium OR wait till after the ceremony. Any graduand who leaves his/her seat while the ceremony is on will NOT be allowed to return to the Auditorium. This is to ensure ORDERLINESS during the Convocation Ceremonies.
  • Graduands and Invited Guests under the canopy outside the Auditorium are requested to be orderly and rise to their feet as the Academic Procession enters AND leaves the Convocation venue.
  • Graduands should be properly robed, and are also advised to conform to the colour prescribed for their Faculties.
  • All graduands are required to immediately commence and complete the process of their clearance in their respective College/Schools/Faculties before the convocation, in order to facilitate the collection of their degree certificates.

The Vice-Chancellor congratulates all Graduands, Parents/Guardians Stakeholders and the entire University Community on the occasion of the 25th Convocation Ceremonies of the University. 

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