Junior Professional Associates (JPA) Program

The World Bank Group Junior Professional Associate (JPA) program 2023 is a special opportunity to gain professional experience at the entry-level.

Junior Professional Associates (JPA) Program

It also grants first-hand exposure to the challenges and rewards of international development. You may be especially interested in the World Bank’s JPA program if you:

  • Are a recent graduate
  • Have a passion for and commitment to helping others
  • Are looking for a solid, two-year entry-level work experience in a multicultural environment

World Bank Group Junior Professional Associates (JPA) Program

While carrying out the JPA assignment, applicants will use their strong quantitative and qualitative analytical skills.

They will also employ a knowledge of technology and research abilities to work with senior colleagues and project teams in both operations and corporate functions.

Along with getting first-hand experience with the difficulties of eradicating poverty and fostering shared prosperity, you will also have the chance to improve your existing abilities and learn new ones.

Your work as a JPA may serve as a springboard for a career in public service, consultancy, the business world, academia, or other development organizations.

Benefits of the World Bank Group Junior Professional Associates (JPA) Program

One of the benefits of passing through the JPA program is that it allows you to gain entry-level professional experience in a premier development institution.

This work experience is on a two-year, non-renewable Extended Term Consultant (ETC) contract with benefits. ​

Eligibility for World Bank Group Junior Professional Associates (JPA) Program

Candidates’ academic achievements should be superior and place them in the top portion of their graduating class.

Candidates should possess analytic and research skills that extend to areas of specialization such as:

  • Economics and Finance
  • Human Development (Public Health, Education, Nutrition, Population)
  • Social sciences
  • Agriculture
  • Environment (Climate, Blue economy),
  • Infrastructure
  • Private Sector Development
  • Other related fields, including Administrative and Corporate functions (Legal Services, IT, Accounting, Communications, etc.). ​

Candidates should be fluent in English and, preferably, in at least one other Bank language (French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, or Chinese).

Applicants should love technology and find ways of integrating it with their work.​

Selection Criteria:

The following are the minimum criteria for selection into the JPA program: ​

  • Be no more than 28 years on your first day of service​.
  • Possess an equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Being fluent in English​ and one or more of the Bank’s working languages

Due to the high level of competition for this employment program, candidates actively being considered for employment may be asked to provide their academic transcripts and references.

Only those applicants who the hiring managers want to interview will be contacted by the World Bank. Jobs may be found in any of the World Bank’s locations across the globe.

A JPA assignment does not serve as a launching pad for a World Bank career. Therefore, for a period of two years following the conclusion of the contract, employment beyond the two-year contract will be forbidden.

However, some former JPA interns may rejoin the organization later in their careers after gaining experience elsewhere and becoming experts in their professional fields. ​Recruitment and hiring for this employment category are ongoing throughout the year.​

How to Apply for World Bank Group Junior Professional Associates (JPA) Program

Interested candidates may apply online through this link.

All relevant information should be correctly filled in the available space.

Please note that applications will be kept active in the JPA database for a period of six months. However, if applicants are still interested in the position after six months, they have to reapply.

Only those chosen for an assignment will be contacted to inquire about their availability and interest. The hiring manager chooses candidates in a very competitive process.

The deadline for application is not specified.

What type of program is JPA?


What is the Duration of the Programme?

Two years.

Which Countries are eligible for the Scholarship?

Countries that are members of the World Bank.


The World Bank Group Junior Professional Associate (JPA) programme is an opportunity for individuals, especially those from developing countries, to get quality work experience and exposure within an excellent environment.

We encourage you to promptly apply for this internship through the link in this article. Kindly share this article with your friends. Cheers.

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