Jane Height Memorial Research International Scholarship in Australia

This scholarship was established to support students financially while they participate in a Summer Vacation Chemical Engineering Project at the University of Newcastle.

The research conducted can contribute towards the required Industrial Experience hours for your degree and will run for 8 weeks commencing in mid-November. The research project will be conducted at the University of Newcastle, Callaghan campus.

The research subject for 2023 is Catalytic conversion of biogas in a non-equilibrium plasma reactor.

Biogas is considered to be a renewable resource. It is primarily a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide, produced from raw materials such as agricultural or municipal waste, sewage, green or food waste.

The aim of this work will be to investigate the use of catalysts to optimise hydrogen yields during the dry reforming (reaction of CO2 with CH4) process using a non-equilibrium plasma. Initial experiments examining dry reforming in the non-equilibrium plasma will be performed in the absence of catalysts and with the zeolite catalyst ZSM-5.

We will examine the generation of products such as hydrocarbons (oxygenated and unoxygenated), water, and/or carbon which may condense/be deposited inside the reactor. A comparison of the gas phase experiments will be contrasted to those where a catalyst has been used and to explore if there is any indication of catalyst deactivation

The scholarship is in honour of Jane Height. Jane Height was delighted and proud as each of her three children graduated from the University of Newcastle. She also saw through her lifetime the societal advancements resulting from the research endeavours in our tertiary institutions. Jane’s family is pleased to have this scholarship in her name.

For more information on this scholarship, please review the full Terms and Conditions.


  1. Be enrolled in a Chemical Engineering Degree with University of Newcastle.
  2. Demonstrate academic achievement through a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 5.0 or higher
  3. Not be the recipient of another University of Newcastle donor-funded or sponsored scholarship concurrently.
  4. Be willing to participate in the Chemical Engineering Research Project.



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