JAMB Registration Requirement 2023 | How to Register

Following the announcement of JAMB, we would like to inform everyone that the 2023 JAMB Registration has officially started.

The form is available to candidates who want to participate in the 2023 UTME in Nigeria and abroad.

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Applications for admission to Nigerian higher education institutions for the 2022/2023 will be accepted by applicants who meet the necessary qualifications.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has released a schedule of important dates for the 2023 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME); below are some of them.

When Is JAMB 2023 Registration Starting/Ending?

The registration period for UTME candidates from abroad is from Saturday, 14th January 2023, to Tuesday, 14th February 2023.

UTME PIN sales will end on Tuesday, 14th February 2023, and registration will close on Wednesday, 22nd February 2023.

When Is JAMB Examination Starting/Ending?

The JAMB examination for 2023 is to hold between Saturday, 29th April 2023, and Monday, 12th May 2023.

When Is JAMB Reprint Starting/Ending?

JAMB reprint for 2022/2023 is officially starting on 29th April 2023. The deadline is yet to be announced.

Registration Period For Direct Entry

Candidates must have a valid personal email address before beginning the process.

Applications for Direct Entry will open from Monday, 20th February 2023, through Thursday, 20th April 2023. The registration is done only at the Board’s national and zonal offices.

Eligibility Checker

Candidates are encouraged to check the eligibility of their chosen program and institution at the JAMB course eligibility checker portal.

Candidates must review the requirements before starting the application process. The eligibility checker supports candidates with options for qualification-based programs (courses).

Items to Be Given to the Candidate After a Successful Jamb Registration

  • Jamb Recommended Novel for English
  • A CD loaded with the Jamb syllabus and an e-Brochure.

Direct Entry Requirement

Candidates with any of the following qualifications may be eligible for direct entry admission:

  • A minimum of O’level credit pass in five (5) SSSC subjects at not more than two sittings with at least two prescribed subjects for each program (course of study) at the Principal or Advanced level.
  • Two passes [in prescribed subjects for each (program) course of study] at the A’Level Examination awarded by IJMB, Cambridge, JUPEB, or Institute of Baccalaureate with three other credit passes in the SSCE.
  • Credit passes in two major subjects in the NCE with three other credit passes in SSSC, NTC/NBC (mainly for Education /Technical programs).
  • Minimum credit grade in University/National Diploma or National Innovation Diploma with the appropriate O’level requirements. All submitted Advanced Level Qualifications are to be verified by a special committee, and any fake result shall attract prosecution.

JAMB Registration Requirements

  • NIN For Jamb Registration
  • Personal Phone Number
  • Valid Email Account
  • Jamb Profile
  • Jamb Subjects O’Level Result (remember this is Optional)
  • Licensed CBT Centers
  • UTME Study Guide
  • Jamb Past Questions

Steps for 2023 JAMB Registration

Each candidate must use a different phone (mobile) number (SIM) for registration.

Only one candidate may utilize the unique phone number. (Note: For this transaction or any subsequent upcoming transactions or applications, this number (SIM) will continue to serve as your exclusive identifier in all interactions with the Board.)

The candidate will use their GSM phone to text (SMS) their National Identification Number (NIN) to either 55019 or 66019.

For instance, type “NIN” followed by a space, followed by your 11-digit NIN Number, then send it in this manner to 55019 or 66019. (NIN 00123456789). Your 11-digit NIN should be separated from the term “NIN” by a space.

The candidate will receive a 10-character profile code on the same phone (SIM) number. The same profile code will still be sent to returning candidates from prior years at the same phone number.

Note that the candidate’s profile will not change for any applications to the Board.

All communications regarding each candidate’s 2023 or later application, examination, and admission will be done using the phone number automatically linked to the candidate’s name.

When purchasing the application paper, the candidate will present the profile code (from Banks, MMOs, MFBs, Switches, and USSD Partners). The next step is to text an ePIN to the candidate’s phone.

The candidate must register at any JAMB-accredited CBT Center with the profile code and e-PIN.

The candidate’s biometrics (all ten fingers) and physical photo must be taken before the application can be submitted (No submission of passport photograph).

The candidate’s registration document may be printed using any of their two fingers when the biometrics and photo have been successfully taken. Candidates must use two fingers as a minimum.

Any subsequent interaction with JAMB about the candidate’s profile would be subject to fingerprint verification.

Only candidates whose biometric verification was successful on test day would be allowed to take the UTME. No proxy, even a parent, can change a candidate’s profile.

Candidates who struggle with biometrics can only register at the JAMB headquarters in Abuja.

The final day of the national exam schedule would see candidates with biometric problems take the test in Abuja.

JAMB e-PIN Selling point

The e-PIN Outlets include:

  • NIPOST, Banks, MMOs, MFBs, and other participating financial institutions.
  • Candidates can buy the e-pins from banks or vending agents through their e-wallets.
  • Foreign candidates are to contact the Nigerian Embassy for guidance on applying in any of the following centers: Abidjan, Accra, Addis Ababa, Beau, Cotonou, Jeddah, Johannesburg, London, or Berlin.

JAMB Registration Centers

  • Registration is conducted only at approved Computer Based Test Centers (CBT) and Professional Registration Centers (PRC).
  • Each applicant should go to any accredited CBT center (a list of certified centers may be found on the Board’s website and JAMB offices with their profile code and e-PIN.
  • For applicants with advanced computer skills, self-service options are available at some approved JAMB state offices.

JAMB Registration Process at CBT Centers

At any certified CBT Center, the applicant PERSONALLY submits the e-PIN for validation and to finish the JAMB registration process.

While the CBT center enters the e-PIN, the candidate’s name entered by the applicant on their phone when registering the profile appears automatically.

Before visiting the JAMB registration location closest to you, use this JAMB Registration Form template to gather all the necessary information.

Candidates should keep in mind that N2000 UTME (Examination) cost, the Board must receive a service fee of N700 for registration in CBT centers (including mock).

As such, candidates will not pay any additional fees at the CBT location. The N1000 (without mock) includes in the registration price.

Jamb Registration Process for Physically Challenged Candidates

Blind Candidates

Candidates who are blind must type blind and choose whether to take the test in Braille, Braille on tape, or Braille on voice. Either a candidate is blind or seeing. Being factual is crucial.

Once a candidate declares they are blind during registration, there will be a dropdown option to choose the most convenient place to take the test.

The following towns are open to candidates who are blind: Abuja, Federal Capital Territory; Bauchi, Bauchi State; Benin; Edo State; Ekiti, Ekiti State; Enugu; Kano; Kebbi; Lagos; Oyo; Plateau; Yola, Adamawa State.

Deaf/Mute Candidates

To distinguish them and provide them special attention in the exam room, a specific indication has been developed for the deaf and the mute. Deaf candidates must correctly affirm this upon registration.

Biometric Challenge

  • Biometrically challenged candidates can only register at the JAMB headquarters in Abuja.
  • Such applicants may not be registered at any other CBT center.
  • Additionally, they will take their test at the JAMB headquarters in Abuja.
  • If candidates’ biometrics are not validated, they will not be permitted to enter the exam room or take the test.
  • Without biometric authentication, the system will not allow for or process any examination.
  • Candidates with biometric abnormalities are only permitted to register and sit for exams at the Board’s Abuja headquarters. The travel will be made more accessible by the Board.
  • The final day of the national exam schedule would see candidates with biometric problems take the test in Abuja.

JAMB Dates and Venue for the 2023 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination

The 2023 CBT test will start on Saturday, April 29, 2023, and end on Friday, May 12, 2023, whereas the examinations at all nine international centers’ are slated to hold on Monday, May 30, 2023.

Candidates studying for the exam should start using our JAMB CBT practice program to practice JAMB Past questions.

Any center in the candidate’s selected examination town will be the test’s location.

The examination town (or group of cities) the candidate selects at the time of registration is the only one to which JAMB posts a candidate.

However, candidates are recommended to register as soon as possible before the available spots in their preferred town or set of cities are filled.

No examination town with a small number of centers is authorized due to a detected collusion among some CBT Centers.

Numerous towns have merged. It’s essential to remember that choosing a group of cities implies that you could be assigned to any of them.

JAMB Registration Fee | Procurement of Registration e-PINS

Candidates must pay either.

  • A total of Five Thousand Seven Hundred Naira (N5,700) Naira for the UTME in 2023 if they choose not to participate in the optional mock exam
  • A total of Six Thousand Seven Hundred Naira (N6,700) if they do.

Either has included all fees, including the CBT center’s N2,000/N1,000 price for the UTME.

For candidates from the nine overseas centers, a $20 application fee is required.

Candidates should know that any acquired e-PINS are linked to specific profiles and cannot be shared.

Candidates are urged to keep their security information, such as registration numbers, passwords, ATM card numbers, email addresses, and e-PINs, private and confidential. A candidate’s password cannot be requested or accepted by any center.

Freebies include a CD that contains the JAMB e-Syllabus, e-Brochure, and other essential materials.


Registration for JAMB 2022/2023 will only be accepted online. Candidates are urged to follow established procedures when completing online registration to achieve a successful registration.

We hope this article was helpful to all JAMB aspirants and candidates. Please let us know in the comments section if you have any questions or need more clarification about the 2023 JAMB Registration.

We wish you Success in your Exams.

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