JAMB Question and Answer- 2022 Update

This article contains JAMB question and answer update for the year 2022.

Are you a present final year secondary student that is aspiring to gain admission into the university this year? Then you should know one major criterion is making sure you have good grades in your JAMB exam.

This is why you have to be diligent enough to study past questions from JAMB exams which will increase your knowledge and give you more insight into how JAMB sets their question every year.

We are going to be giving you a guide on the JAMB question and answer 2022 update. 

All you have to do is to go through and study consistently until the day of your examination.

We promise if you do this with all your heart, you will be able to get good grades in your JAAMB and be able to gain admission into a higher institution of your choice.

JAMB Question and Answer – How Do I Go About JAMB Question and Answer 2022?

Here are the ways you are supposed to go about JAMB question and answer 2022 UTME Questions:

• Fill in the blanks with the required information.

• Pay close attention to the directions.

• Managing your time efficiently.

• To answer questions faster, learn the JAMB keyboard shortcuts.

• Begin with a piece of English paper.

• Spend no more than a minute on each question.

• For each question, make sure you choose an appropriate response.

Does JAMB Set New and Past Questions?

Yes, JAMB always makes sure to repeat their question every year. However, they don’t always set the questions the exact way it is in past questions, they make slight changes to the questions.

They also include newly updated questions for candidates every year.

Where Do JAMB Questions Come From?

JAMB collects questions about English comprehension and fill-in-the-blank passages from newspapers, industry publications, and financial reports. They also adapted novel portions and advocated for the use of English textbooks.

What is the Weighted Average of Each JAMB Question?

Each of the remaining three subjects’ questions is worth 2.5 points. As a result, each of the three subjects is worth 300 points.

If you get a 2.5 on each of the remaining subjects, you’ll get a 100. For example, if you get 28 out of 40 in Biology, your calculation will be 28 x 2.5 = 70%. (in percentage).

In Three Weeks, How Can I Prepare for JAMB?

You can follow this trick to pass your JAMB question excellently:

• Make a realistic schedule:

• Put everything else in its place:

• Turn your free night time into a reading period:

• Make a list of the most important points and study them thoroughly:

• Don’t bother with social media until after your exams

• Don’t forget about previous questions

How Long Does it Take To Write the JAMB Exam?

The time allotted for a candidate to use and answer all 250 questions in the JAMB CBT is still 3 hours and 30 minutes.

The 3 hours and 30 minutes allotted for the CBT examination is more than enough time to write and study and give appropriate answers to all of the questions if you have prepared adequately for the exam.

How Many Subjects Do You Have To Register for in JAMB?

If you are intending to register for the JAMB examination. Then you must know that you have to register for a total of four (4) subjects, with JAMB Use of English being required.

The remaining three (3) subjects must be relevant to the program you desire to pursue.

What is the cost of JAMB registration?

The registration fee is N4,700, which includes the following: E-Pin N3,500, English Text N500, and CBT Charges N700.

However, it is recommended that you set aside 5,000 Naira (N5,000) for everything. The reason for this is that you will purchase a JAMB E-pin while also paying for registration.

How Many Questions Does JAMB ask?

Here’s how many questions each subject has out of the 180 total:

The Use of English will provide 60 questions, with the remaining 120 questions (40 each) coming from the other three courses you registered for and selected as your Subject Combination.


In conclusion, all the details we have provided about the JAMB question and answer 2022 were collated to ensure that you find it easy to prepare for your JAMB exams.

Also, to come out in flying colours as this is the only way you can be admitted into your dream university in Nigeria.

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