How to Vote on Big Brother Nigeria (Big Brother Naija)

Big brother Nigeria is a reality television show series. Auditions are held and successful contestants come together to live in a secluded house for a specified number of days away from the outside world.

Contestants are televised to live viewers on approved cable networks and channels.

They compete for a huge sum of money and other cash prizes, gifts, and brand endorsements.

Every day, they are given a task to perform with a prize attached to it housemates are always competing to win material gifts and prizes.

A selected number of housemates are also set up for possible eviction every week, housemates with the least number of votes are evicted.

Big Brother Naija

Just like every other country airing the show indigenously, in Nigeria, Big Brother Naija first aired on a multi-purpose cable system, on DSTV Channel 37, from March 5 to June 4, 2006, due to multi-purpose cable tv expansion in collaboration with GOTV, the show is now aired on other cable channels, DSTV channel 153 and 152 ( African magic urban and  African magic family) GOTV channel 2(African magic family).

Big brother Naija voting is affirmed by Alexander Forbes group holding. 

Over the years, big brother Naija is sponsored by different companies, apart from official sponsors, some companies sponsor the show at an agreed percentage. these companies take turns in sponsoring weekly tasks in the house.

Big Brother Nigeria (BBN) Sponsors

Here is a list of known companies sponsoring the big brother Naija show.

  • Pay Porte
  • Bet 9ja
  • Innoson vehicles
  • Darling expression 
  • Indomie
  • Knorr
  • Oppo 
  • Legend stout
  • Pepsi 
  • Heritage bank
  • Dano milk
  • Nokia
  • Lipton ice tea, amidst many others

How to Vote on Big Brother Nigeria (BBNAIJA)

If you have been wondering how to vote for your favorite housemate, below is a  guide on how to do it.

There are different ways fans can vote to keep their favorite housemates in the house.

  • Bb Naija voting poll site (worldwide)
  • Mobile site
  • Website
  • Sms
  • My DSTV/GOTV app

BBNAIJA Voting Poll Site

fans all over the world go online to the bb Naija voting poll site to click on the names of their favorite housemates, the vote is automatically recorded and can be done as many times as possible.

You also get the chance to share a link and invite your friends to vote for your housemates.

Mobile Site Vote

To register-

Visit Africa magic mobile site- Africa brother

  1. Click on the vote menu 
  2. Click on register and enter your name, surname, year of birth, gender, location, phone number, and password 
  3. You will receive an OTP via SMS
  4. Enter your OTP
  5. Once registered, you will be able to vote 
  6. Mobile sites votes are free
  7. Data cost may apply

To vote-

  1. Visit Africa magic mobile site- Africa brother
  2. Click on vote 
  3. Click on login and enter your registered phone number 
  4. Enter your password
  5. Select your favorite housemates
  6. Enter the number of votes, click and cast your vote
  7. Mobile sites votes are limited to 100 per user
  8. Mobile sites votes are free
  9. Data cost may apply

Website Vote

  • Visit the Africa magic tv website- Africa / big brother 
  • Register by putting your phone number and new password 
  • You will receive a 5-OTP digit for verification 
  • Sign in and create your profile 
  • Search for the current edition of big brother Naija show
  • Click on your housemate and vote
  • Votes are limited to 100 votes per user
  • Website votes are free
  • Data cost may apply 

SMS Votes on Big Brother Naija

Unlike mobile and websites votes, SMS votes aren’t free, it has a limit of 100 votes per round and cost 30 naira per SMS. To vote via SMS:

Simply Send your favorite housemates’ names as a text to 32052. e.g, “John” to 32052


This system of voting is only available to active DSTV subscribers in selected countries with eligible packages

  • Click on VOTE NOW inside my DSTV/GOTV app
  • Click on register and input personal details 
  • Confirm your smart card number and desired password 
  • You will receive an OTP via SMS
  • Confirm your OTP
  • Log in with registered details
  • Select favorite housemate 
  • Enter the number of votes, click and cast your vote
  • Allocation of votes is based on your DSTV/GOTV subscription package
  • Data cost may apply 

BBNaija Themes

There are few notable features in the big brother reality show, every season comes with a different theme, we have the likes of : 

  • Double wahala season
  • Pepper dem season 
  • Lockdown season

Other features

The guest: celebrities make appearances on the show, they come to share their story and talk to the housemates. I guess the thrill of it is not knowing the celebrity to appear on that screen, the suspense is the thrill.

The gym instructors: housemates are subjected to  daily exercise in the morning except on Sundays 

Eviction Sundays: this is a tense and suspense-filled day as viewers all over the world are glued to t.v to watch the least voted housemate leave the house. All nominated housemates are expected to pack their bags in anticipation.

The Saturday Night Parties: housemates are allowed to have fun, dancing to different music played by a live DJ.

We also have pool parties, masked ninjas, diary sessions, nominations, daily tasks and presentations, the grand finale, the reunion show, and a lot more.


Big Brother Naija is a fun-packed reality show, it is entertaining and educative as you get to experience the different personalities of the housemates.

Some of the housemates are there for the money, material benefits, friendship, fame, and even love. Big brother Naija is an 18+ reality show so parental guidance is highly advised.

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