How To Use Awaiting Result to Gain Admission

We are pleased to enlighten you on how you can gain admission into any University of your choice using awaiting results. You don’t need to stay at home for a year due to awaiting result which is an O”Level result that is yet to be released.

Usually, when a candidate is applying for JAMB UTME or admission to a tertiary institution (University, Polytechnics, Colleges of Education) but do not have his or her O’level results ready or is waiting for the release of his/her O’ level result, such student is usually allowed to indicate that he or she is still awaiting the release of his/her O’level result. Such a student or candidate is often referred to as “Awaiting Result” candidate.

Many candidates are of the opinion that they may be disqualified or may not receive the kind of consideration they would have received if they have provided their O’level results. Some even think there is no need to apply for JAMB UTME or admission using awaiting results as you stand to be disqualified out rightly.

One key thing you should know is that there is nothing basically wrong with applying for JAMB UTME or admission using awaiting results. You are sure going to be giving the same consideration as those who provided their O’level results. If it is not so, such an option would not have been made available in the first place.

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However, your school of choice will require that you make your O’level result available before the admission process for that particular year ends to enable the school to make a final decision whether you are qualified for admission or not.

Most schools usually give awaiting result candidates time to make available their O’ level results once the concerned Examination bodies have released the results for that particular admission year. It takes these examination bodies up to normally about 1 month to release the results of candidates who participated in their exams.

Now, considering the current situation, we believe the exam bodies (WAEC/NECO) may even hasten the time and release the results earlier so candidates that used the awaiting the result to apply for JAMB and admission can still stand a chance of securing admission.

This implies that so far you are able to get your results ready before the deadline given by your school of choice or before your school of choice concludes admission exercise, there is still a possibility of you securing admission.

You can only be disqualified or not considered for admission as an awaiting result candidate only when you have failed to provide your O’level result within the time frame given by the school you applied to for admission.




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