How to Migrate to Glo Berekete + Benefits

As the firm formally introduces its repackaged customer-centric service, Berekete, millions of users on Globacom’s network have been offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to talk and surf indefinitely.

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The New Strategy (Berekete)

Customers may now talk to their friends and business companions for an extended time with the new Berekete plan, which also includes unlimited internet time and large downloads. They will have a good time watching Glo TV.

“With the promotion, every new client receives a N1,000 welcome bonus after successfully activating their lines, which includes registering the SIM, recharging with a minimum of N100, and activating their lines.”

As well as making the first call. The welcome bonus includes N800 for calls to all networks at a rate of 75 kbps, as well as N200 for data (equivalent to 200MB). The welcome bonus, on the other hand, is a one-time reward.” Globacom announced the news in a press release issued in Lagos on Tuesday.

According to Glo, Berekete subscribers will receive a 700 percent incentive on every recharge, including 400 percent for voice to contact all Nigerian networks and 300 percent for broadband.


“New users on the plan will also receive additional data incentive on the first recharge of the month, every month for six months,” Globacom noted. Customers who purchase the Berekete bundle will receive a 100 percent bonus on every data plan they purchase every 4 months.

Existing prepaid users can subscribe to the plan by dialing *777#, after which they will be able to enjoy a 700 percent bonus on all recharges, excluding the one-time incentive. At the same time, new Glo subscribers will be placed on the Berekete platform by default.

An Analysis of the Tariff

A customer who recharges with N100 will receive N400 in voice bonus for calls to all networks, as well as a 100MB data bonus on the first recharge of the month for browsing, while a customer who recharges with N500 will receive N2,000 in voice bonus for calls to all networks and 550MB data bonus on the first recharge of the month for browsing.

Similarly, on the first recharge of the month, an N1,000 recharge will earn you an N4,000 voice bonus for calls to all networks and a 1,100MB data bonus.

Steps for Migrating to the Glo Berekete Plan

BEREKETE  is a GLO prepaid tariff package that rewards consumers with an incredible voice and internet perks when they top up their Glo lines with at least N100. Customers can use the plan to meet their browsing and chatting demands on the same recharge.


In Nigeria, it is also the default rate plan for new Glo subscribers. Glo BEREKETE is automatically moved to all new Glo customers who have been on the network for less than 4 months.

Those who are not currently on this plan but would like to take advantage of the plan’s features can migrate to the Glo Berekete tariff plan to take advantage of the incredible voice and data benefits.

The Glo Berekete Tariff Plan offers 600 Naira in extra airtime to all new customers who successfully activate their lines and reload their accounts with at least 100 Naira.

Every recharge earns you a 700 percent bonus to phone ALL NETWORKS and access the Internet.

Every month for four months, get a 150 percent data bonus on your first recharge (up to 5GB FREE).

Every month for the next four months, new users will receive a bonus of up to 100% on every data package they purchase.

BEREKETE  is open to everyone who has completed BEREKETE Plus.

BEREKETE is available to all new and existing prepaid users.

How Do I Make Migrate To Glo Berekete?

To migrate to Glo Bereket, dial *230# from your Glo phone.

How much does Brekete charge for calls?

• Calls made with the main account balance are charged at 36k/sec, whereas calls made with the voice bonus accounts are charged at 77k/sec.

How to Check the Bonus Balance of Glo Berekete

Simply dial *230*1# to check the Glo Berekete bonus. This will show you your voice (call) and data balance on your Berekete account.


Customers would receive a huge 700 percent extra depending on the amount refilled, as follows: The 700 percent incentive will be granted on ALL recharge denominations from N100 to N5,000. You are only a phone call away from taking advantage of this fantastic tariff package (Berekete ).


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