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How to Delete Stations on Pandora

How to Delete Stations on Pandora

Learning how to delete stations on Pandora is not as difficult as you might think. As a music streaming service, Pandora enables users to make and access playlists based on a favorite musician or song.

Pandora will then match and play songs and music styles that are similar on that station.

Users can rate songs by giving them a thumbs up or down, and they can customize stations by adding variety.

When a user logs into their account, they can add a station to their library for easy listening and delete a station at any time.

You can create up to 100 unique customized stations using the Pandora music service. Stations function similarly to personalized radio stations. While this allows you to listen to almost any type of music, it can also be overwhelming.

Knowing how to delete stations on Pandora gives you more control over your music.

What Exactly Is Pandora?

How to Delete Stations on Pandora

Pandora is a music streaming service and application that allows you to listen to music on your smartphone, tablet, computer, smart TV, smart speakers, car stereo system, Blu-ray player, or game console.

Pandora allows you to create personalized radio stations based on your favorite artist or song.

Pandora automatically gathers and plays songs with similar qualities after you select a seed song or artist.

Pandora, a Sirius/XM Holdings subsidiary, refers to these similarities as “music genomes.” They could include descriptor tags like folksy, female vocal, strong drums, or other recognizable aspects that help orient a piece of music to others like it.

Why People Prefer Pandora

Pandora is easy and enjoyable for the majority of people. Here are some of the reasons why people prefer it:

  • You don’t have to sift through hundreds of albums, artists, and songs to find the music you enjoy.
  • You can spend as much time customizing your stations or rejecting songs you don’t want to hear.
  • You can set up a station for each mood. Create stations for your favorite dance songs, dinner music, and oldies.
  • You can gift your favorite stations to friends or have them gift you their stations.
  • You can easily discover new music by listening to songs or artists similar to those you already enjoy.
  • You can access your Pandora account by using phones, computers, smart TVs, Blu-ray Disc players, networked home theater and stereo receivers, and game consoles.
  • Pandora provides extensive song information.
  • You can click the lyrics to read (or sing) along when listening on a computer.
  • Pandora can be used alongside Alexa on devices that support it. Configure it as Alexa’s default music service so that when you ask Alexa to play music, it first goes to Pandora.

Pandora Plans

How to Delete Stations on Pandora

Pandora Free Plan

The free Pandora service comes with ads. These include pop-up web and audio ads on your streaming media devices.

The audio advertisements play every three or four songs. This may be annoying if you like to work with music playing in the background.

As long as these ads don’t bother you, you can listen to as many songs as you want, all day, every day, without paying subscription charges.

If you want to listen without advertisements and gain access to additional features, Pandora offers users two paid subscription services: Pandora Plus and Pandora Premium.

Pandora also has the Pandora Premium Family plan, which includes all of the Premium features for up to six different Pandora accounts.

Pandora Plus Plan

You could upgrade your free account to Pandora Plus for $4.99 per month ($54.89 per year).

Here are some of the advantages:

  • No ads.
  • You can skip or replay as many songs as you want. You don’t have to put a song on hold or give it a thumbs down. Simply skip a song that doesn’t fit your current mood.
  • You can listen to up to three offline stations of your choice, plus your Thumbprint Radio, which combines all of your favorite tracks with some extras. Online listening is only available through the Pandora app on compatible mobile phones.
  • Improved audio quality. Like most digital music files, Pandora streams songs in a compressed format. With Pandora Plus, you can stream at a higher bit rate for a more complete, richer experience.

This is especially important if you’re listening to high-quality speakers in your home theater.

Pandora Premium Plan

Pandora Premium costs $9.99 per month or $109.89 per year. It has all of the Pandora Plus features, including:

  • Playlists that are completely customizable.
  • Look for and play on-demand music.
  • Download any songs you want to listen to later.

Pandora Family Premium Plan

This subscription option provides Pandora Premium features to up to six users in a household.

Due to the possibility of multiple subscribers, an additional feature called Our Soundtrack combines each family member’s musical preferences into a single playlist.

Each person’s My Music Collection is updated with the playlist.

The Pandora Premium Family plan costs $14.99 monthly ($164.89 annually).

You can immediately sign up for any of these services or upgrade after listening to the free version for a while.

Creating Your Own Pandora Radio Station

Pandora functions similarly to the radio.

You can listen to a station you created based on a favorite artist or song, but you can’t listen to a specific song or replay a specific track—at least not in the free version of the service.

You can only skip a certain number of songs using the free version daily.

Each station has a name based on the characteristics you selected when you chose it.

Some examples are the 80s Pop Hits, Elton John Radio, Holiday Radio, and Italian Cooking Music Radio.

Stations bearing an artist’s name will play music by other artists who have a similar style or are contemporaries of the artist.

You can tailor the music on the station to your preferences by selecting the thumbs up, thumbs down, or never play options.

This is an efficient method for fine-tuning your stations, which you can create up to 100.

How to Add Stations on Pandora

To add a Pandora station, use the search tool and enter the name of your desired artist, song, album, composer, genre, and other criteria.

Here’s how to add a station using either the desktop website or the iPhone and Android mobile apps.

How to Add a Pandora Station to Your Desktop

  • Launch your preferred browser on your Mac or PC and navigate to the Pandora website.
  • From any page, go to the site’s search bar and type in what you’re looking for.
  • You’ll see a list of stations, playlists, and podcasts. Select the one you want by clicking on it.

If you click on the word “Stations” at the top of the search results, the results will be narrowed down to only stations.

If you do this, you can start playing a station right from the search results by hovering over its image until you see a play symbol appear and clicking it.

  • Clicking on the name of a station from the general search results will take you to that artist’s or song’s “backstage page.” To add the station to your collection, click the “Start Station” button.

This station is now accessible through the Stations section of your “My Collections” tab.

You can also look for more stations by clicking the “Browse” tab at the top of the screen and scrolling through featured playlists and new music.

How to Add a Pandora Station on a Mobile App

  • On your iPhone device or Android phone, launch the Pandora app.
  • Tap the search tab at the bottom of the app and type a search term into the top search bar.
  • Tap on the desired outcome. You can limit your search to only stations, like on a desktop, by tapping “Stations” at the top of the screen. If you do, you can start listening to a station immediately by tapping the play button to the right.
  • This will take you to the “backstage page” for your artist or song. Tap the “Play” button next to “Artist Radio.”
  • You can now find this station in the station’s section of your “My Collections” tab.

To find more stations, go to the “For You” tab and look for featured playlists and new music.

How to Delete Stations on Pandora

How to Delete Stations on Pandora

If you have decided that you would rather do away with a Pandora station, say you’d like to explore something else, or you no longer enjoy a particular artist or genre, then this guide is for you.

How to Delete Stations on Pandora on a Computer

  • Open Pandora.com on your PC or Mac and sign in to your account.
  • Right at the top of the screen, click “My Collection.”
  • Hover over the station you want to delete and click the “More” button, which looks like three dots.
  • Click “Remove from collection

How to Delete Stations on Pandora on a Mobile Device

  • Launch the Pandora app on your iPhone or Android device and sign in.
  • Choose the station you want to delete. To access the “information” menu, tap the I icon.
  • Click “Edit.”
  • Choose “Delete station.” If you’ve added more music to your station or liked a number of songs, you may need to scroll down to see the “Delete station” button.

What Do I Do if a Deleted Pandora Station Appears Again?

If you deleted a station, but it still appears when you access Pandora on the web, check your bookmark.

Remove anything other than https://www.pandora.com and update the bookmark. When you reload the page, the deleted station should be gone.

How to Restore a Deleted Pandora Station

You can restore a deleted station by creating a new station using the same song or artist you used to create the station in the first place.

This restores the original station, including any thumb ratings you added.

If you weren’t satisfied with the station you created and want to start over, try to make a new one with a different song by the same artist.

How to Cancel Pandora Premium Subscription

While you can listen to Pandora for free, subscribing has some advantages.

Pandora Plus, for example, has no advertisements, allows you to listen to podcasts, allows you to personalize your stations further, and allows you to skip an unlimited number of tracks.

Pandora Premium also includes the ability to search for and play any song (rather than just listening to tracks chosen by Pandora) and share custom playlists.

It’s simple to cancel your Pandora Premium subscription, but how you do so depends on how you signed up in the first place.

If you signed up for a subscription through iTunes, you must cancel it through the iTunes app on your iPhone.

If you subscribed directly through Pandora, you must cancel your subscription through the Pandora website, which you can also access on an iPhone.

You cannot cancel using the Pandora app, regardless of how you signed up.

How to Cancel Pandora Premium Subscription via the Web

  • Launch a web browser and go to Pandora.com. You can do this with Safari on your iPhone or a computer. If you’re using Safari, go to the bottom of the screen and tap “Request Desktop Site.” However, it is much easier to do this on a computer because the Pandora website does not fit well on the phone.
  • If you haven’t already, sign in to your account.
  • In the top right corner of the screen, click your avatar and then “Settings.”
  • Click “Subscription” on the left side of the screen.
  • Click “Switch Plan” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and press the “Cancel Subscription” button.
  • Enter your Pandora password and tap the “Switch My Plan” button.

How to Cancel Pandora Premium Subscription Using Itunes on an iPhone

You cannot cancel your Pandora subscription without signing up through iTunes. You’ll have to do it through your iPhone’s iTunes settings.

  • Launch the iPhone Settings app.
  • At the top of the screen, tap your name.
  • Select “App Store & iTunes.”
  • At the top of the screen, tap your Apple ID and “View Apple ID” in the pop-up window.
  • Select “Subscriptions.”
  • Your Pandora Premium account should appear in the list of subscriptions. Tap it.
  • Select “Cancel Subscription” and confirm that you want to do this.


Pandora is a popular streaming music service that suggests music based on songs you already like — it evaluates the DNA of your favorite songs and suggests similar tunes.

Pandora users need to know how to delete stations on Pandora. I hope this article was helpful. If you found it useful, kindly drop a comment. We would like to hear from you.

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