How to Delete Shows From YouTube TV Library

In addition to YouTube, Google also provides YouTube TV, a streaming platform with more than 85 channels for news, sports, entertainment, and lifestyle, only available in the United States.

Up to six people can watch multiple channels that broadcast news, kid’s shows, entertainment, and sports events like the NBA, NFL, and MBL with a single subscription package.

This article will walk you through the entire process of how to delete shows from YouTube TV library.

In addition to its enormous selection of channels, YouTube TV has a number of features that give users more options when using the service.

For instance, users can record their favorite shows, add them to their YouTube TV libraries, and watch them whenever they want.

In order to have a more organized space and add new ones whenever possible, users can also delete the recorded shows and programs from their libraries.

Perhaps you don’t want others to know you’ve watched a particular show, or you simply don’t have time for it and want to remove it from your library. 

Regardless of the reason, deleting watched shows on YouTube TV is simple!

Is It Possible to Delete Episodes on YouTube TV?

Yes, episodes on YouTube TV can be deleted. To begin, launch the YouTube TV app and sign in. 

Then, navigate to the “Library” tab and select the show you want to delete. 

Choose the episode you want to delete and click the “trash can” icon.

This removes the episode from your watched list. You can also delete an entire series by selecting “delete series” from the menu.

Please keep in mind that once an episode has been deleted, it cannot be recovered. So, if you’re not sure whether you want to delete it or not, don’t.

How to Delete Shows From Youtube TV Library

It’s actually quite easy. The steps should be straightforward and simple to follow.

  • Start your YouTube app.
  • Tap three horizontal lines in the upper right corner.
  • Tap on My Episodes, then select the episode you want to delete.
  • Tap on the three dots in the top right corner of the episode thumbnail.
  • Select Delete.

That’s it; your episodes have been deleted. Keep in mind that deleted episodes cannot be recovered. 

You should double-check that you truly want to delete the episodes.

How to Delete YouTube TV DVR Recordings

YouTube DVR is a feature that allows you to save episodes of your favorite shows to your YouTube TV. 

You can save the episodes for later viewing. 

If you want to delete the videos after a certain period of time, YouTube does not provide an easy way to do so.

However, there is one easier and simpler way to complete the task in a short period of time and with only a few simple steps.

YouTube does allow you to remove videos from your library once they have finished their season. 

The setting allows you to choose which series should be saved in offline mode. 

Except for the shows you have chosen to save, all other episodes will be deleted.

How Do YouTube DVR Recordings Work?

When a show or episode is added to YouTube TV’s library, it becomes available for future viewing. 

Once a show or episode is broadcast, you will be able to watch it immediately or choose to download the titles based on your personal preferences. 

Future episodes will be saved for as long as the season or show is running. 

However, YouTube TV does not provide any instructions on how to delete the episodes or shows.

How to Use the Auto Delete Option to Delete YouTube TV DVR Content

Using the auto-delete feature is the best way to get rid of the watched episodes or shows. 

This will ensure that an episode is automatically removed from your DVR history after you have watched it.

Select Settings from the left menu to make this feature active.

Click on Recordings, then select Auto Delete.

Either choose Keep only the most recent two weeks of recordings or choose All recordings to expire after four weeks. 

Choose the first option if you want to delete a recording as soon as you finish watching it.

If you want to keep a show for a while before deleting it so you can watch it again later, the second option is preferable.

How to View YouTube History on Your Smart TV

All of your devices, including your Smart TV, have similar options for finding YouTube history. 

Through the following simple steps, you ought to be able to locate the history:

  • Open the YouTube TV application.
  • Then select the Library tab.
  • Then click History.
  • That would do it, and you would be able to access your YouTube TV history, which would give you access to the YouTube TV videos you’ve watched as well as the live channels and specific shows you’ve watched. 

You need to be a YouTube TV subscriber to access your YouTube TV history. 

If you aren’t a YouTube TV subscriber, you can find the history of the shows you’ve watched on YouTube.

How to Edit YouTube TV Library

The material in your YouTube TV library cannot be edited. Only your YouTube TV library’s sorting and other features can be customized.

Here’s how to go about it:

  • Select the Live tab on YouTube TV by going there.
  • Choose the Sort -> Custom option.
  • For the channel to be removed from your custom view, click the red checkmark.
  • Organize the channels in the order you prefer.
  • You could then design a special list based on your personal preferences.


Honestly, when it comes to the options for removing shows and episodes from the YouTube TV library, YouTube does not exactly give its users nearly enough choices. 

The procedure that we have outlined in this article should prove to be fairly simple and easy. They’re the same across all your devices where you access Youtube TV. 

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