How to Delete Messages on PS4

Not only can you play games and enjoy your media with PS4, but you can also communicate with friends, show off screenshots and media, and even broadcast live gameplay to them.

How to delete messages on PS4 might interest you if you are no longer comfortable with your conversation with other users.

While the messaging and social aspects of the PS4 aren’t as good as what you’d find on a social media platform, they’re good enough for quick sharing and a few messages back and forth.

About PS4

The PlayStation 4 is a home video game console developed by Sony Computer Entertainment.

The eighth-generation console competes with Microsoft’s Xbox One and Nintendo’s Wii U and Switch.

The PlayStation 4 was out to critical acclaim, with critics praising Sony for recognizing the needs of its consumers and not implementing the restrictive digital rights management schemes initially announced by Microsoft for the Xbox One.

Before its launch, critics and third-party studios also praised the PlayStation 4’s capabilities compared to its competitors; the developers described the performance difference between the console and Xbox One as “significant” and “obvious.”

The increased demand also helped Sony to its highest global console sales. In October 2019, the PS4 became the second best-selling home game console of all time, behind the PlayStation 2.

How to Delete Messages on PS4

Once you’ve installed the app, launch it and log in with your credentials. Then follow the steps below.

  • Enter the options menu. 
  • There, under the Settings tab, you’ll find an option called Delete Messages. 
  • After clicking on it, go through the chats list and select the conversation you want to delete. 
  • A trash icon will appear. 
  • Tap on it, and confirm.
  • Unfortunately, the application does not yet support multiple deletions at once. Therefore, you will need to delete each conversation individually.

How to Permanently Delete Messages on PS4

Deleting PS4 messages permanently can be done by deleting the messages individually from your inbox.

The process is not complicated. Follow the few steps below carefully:

  • Launch the Sony PlayStation messaging app on your device. 
  • You must log in with your credentials.
  • Then click on the options icon in the upper right corner.
  • Next, click on Settings. 
  • Now look for the Delete Messages option and click on it. 
  • Scroll to the conversation you want to delete and then select it permanently. Now tap the trash icon next to that message. 
  • Select Yes in the popup window if you’ll get rid of them forever, or No if you want to cancel the process anytime before you receive a confirmation.

The process will take longer depending on the number of conversations stored in your inbox, but once it’s done, you’ll find that all deleted conversations are permanently gone. 

This method has a downside, as each conversation must be deleted from your inbox, which could be hectic and time-consuming.

Now click the Next button until the installation progress indicator completes with a 100% complete status on the last screen and a success message at the bottom of the window that says “Installation Complete.”

Once done, close all windows and pop-ups and wait a few seconds for it to load.

The idea of ​​permanently erasing your device will make you feel safe and comfortable. 

All messages are destroyed, and no one can recover them, not even the company itself. With a PS4, you’ll never have to worry about prying eyes on your private conversations.

Sony developed its messaging system for the PlayStation Network, which runs on the PS Vita (PlayStation Portable), PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 systems.

Sony understands that some people don’t want others to see their messages, so they enabled a ” Delete ” feature that allows Ps4 Network users to delete messages on their PS4.

During this process, there may be some problems like error 8001050F or not working.

It could be that after deleting some messages using the “delete” function, they may still exist on another device or be recovered in other ways.

So, in this case, we recommend using “Crime Cops Data Extraction” to help you permanently delete PS4 messages on PS4 and several other devices. 

  • First, download the program to your computer and open it. 
  • Connect PC and PS4 with USB cable.
  • Select “Other Computer” and then “Connect via WiFi.” If the “WiFi” option is unavailable, click here for instructions on fixing this problem. Press OK after a successful connection

Deleting Messages on PS4

You can delete entire conversations called “leaves” in the PS4 interface.

Messaging on PS4 happens naturally in groups of 2 to 99 players, and messages can be a maximum of 512 characters.

Once you leave the conversation, it will be deleted and will not appear in your messages.

Note that these messages will reappear if you start a conversation with the same person, as deleted messages are still stored on Playstation’s network servers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You See Deleted Messages on PS4?

Technically, it is possible to recover accidentally deleted messages on PlayStation 4.

Select your inbox folder from the pile and choose the Move Messages from Trash option. Meanwhile, the deleted messages will be restored to the selected folder.

Another way to do this is through the Trash option, then the folders from which you can select the message you want to restore. Then you need to choose to Move to the inbox or any other folder.

How Do I Permanently Delete Messages?

  • Tap on the desired messages you want to delete
  • Tap the delete symbol, then select the messages in the conversation you need to delete.
  • Click Remove and confirm your decision by clicking OK.

How to Permanently Delete Files From PS4

  • Go to Settings and Manage App Stored Data.
  • Select either System Storage, Online Storage, or USB Storage 
  • Select the game and check next to the files you want to delete or select all.
  • Tap on Delete and confirm your decision by selecting OK.

Can You Recover Deleted Messages on PS4?

Accidentally deleted messages can always be recovered, no matter where you put them. To do this, select any Inbox folder and Move Messages from Trash.

How Many Reports Can Lead to a Being Banned on PS4?

A certain number of times to be reported to get banned from PS4. The decision to ban a user is made on a relevant basis by the PlayStation enforcement team. 

What Can Get You Banned on PS4?

Many things can lead to you being banned on PS4, one of which is using hacks in games.

Also, you can get banned for sharing copyrighted material without permission. The third is using inappropriate language or images in your profile or messages.

And the fourth is a violation of the terms of service.

Can You Get Banned on PS4 From Cursing?

This may vary depending on the specific situation. However, cursing is not usually grounds for a ban from the PlayStation Network.

There may be cases where swearing is deemed inappropriate or offensive, and in such cases, the player may potentially be banned from the network.

How Long Will You Be Suspended on PS4 for Cursing?

There is no amount of time you will be suspended on PS4 for a curse, as it will vary depending on the severity of the curse and the context in which it was used.

However, in general, Sony may suspend your account if it determines that your language has been inappropriate or offensive.


This article explains how to delete messages on ps4.

Feel free to drop your questions and suggestions in the comment section below.

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