How to Delete Messages From iCloud

Want to know how to delete messages from iCloud?

iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage service that securely stores your music, photos, videos, documents, and other files.

iCloud allows you to access your saved data from any of your devices. You can even use iCloud to assist in the recovery of a lost or stolen device.

Apple introduced Messages in iCloud, also known as iCloud support for iMessages, in May 2018. Previously, it was not possible to use iCloud for text messages.

However, after the update – iOS 11.4 – the Messages in iCloud feature allows you to treat your iMessages like photos.

When enabled, Messages sync across all devices, allowing you to stay up to date with all of your Messages regardless of which Apple device you’re using.

However, with the recent wave of iCloud leaks, it is understandable if you are less assured of the privacy of some of your most intimate conversations, and you’d rather have them deleted completely than stand the risk of losing them to hackers or having them crop up at an inconvenient time.

This article will look at everything you need to know about your messages on your iOS device, including how to delete messages from iCloud.

How Does Messages in iCloud Work?

Even if you set up a new device, iCloud can keep your entire message history up to date and accessible on all of your devices.

When you enable Messages in iCloud, your message history is automatically updated across all of your devices. As a result, you’ll always have the same view whenever you use iMessage.

When you delete a message, photo or a conversation from one of your devices, it is deleted from all of your devices.

You also get to save space on your device because all of your attachments are stored in iCloud.

Messages in iCloud can be accessed via your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad,¬†Apple Watch, and Mac. Messages in iCloud are end-to-end encrypted for your privacy, which means you can’t view or access messages online via browser.

How to Enable Messages in iCloud

To enable Message in iCloud, ensure that you have set up iCloud and that you are logged in with the same Apple ID across all your devices.

You must also activate two-factor authentication with your Apple ID and have enabled iCloud Keychain.

The following steps should be followed to enable Messages in iCloud on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch:

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • At the top, tap [your name].
  • Select iCloud.
  • Turn on Messages.

To enable Messages in iCloud on your Mac, complete the following steps:

  • Launch Messages on your Mac.
  • In the top left corner, select the Messages menu.
  • Tap on Preferences from the menu
  • Select iMessage.
  • Check the Enable Messages in iCloud box.

How to Disable Messages in iCloud

Your message history will be stored in a different iCloud backup if you disable messages in iCloud on your iOS device.

You can disable messages in iCloud for a single device or for all of your devices. Messages in iCloud will continue to store what you send and receive from that device in iCloud on any device where it is enabled.

Follow the procedure below to turn off Messages in iCloud on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • At the top, tap [your name].
  • Tap turn off Messages.

Follow the procedure below to turn off messages in iCloud on your Mac:

  • Launch Messages on your Mac.
  • In the top left corner, select the messages menu.
  • Select Preferences from the menu.
  • Uncheck the box next to enable messages in iCloud under iMessage.

Why Should I Delete My iCloud Messages?

You’ll want to delete your iCloud messages because of any of these two reasons.

Your iCloud Storage Is Full

Although iCloud is a useful tool for storing data, storage space is limited. Have you received a notification that your iCloud storage is insufficient? Then you’ll want to delete some messages to make room for other data, such as contacts, photos, music, and so on.

Privacy Concerns

While iCloud can easily backup messages, it is also becoming less secure, and users may want to remove text messages from iCloud to keep secrets.

How to Delete Messages From iCloud

Step 1: Go to “Settings,” tap on your name, and then select “iCloud.”

Step 2: Select “Manage Storage.” It will display information about the total storage and free space on your iCloud drive.

Step 3: Select “Messages,” then select “Disable and Delete.” A confirmation notification will appear, then select “Delete Messages.”

(Note: If you regret this action within 30 days, iCloud provides an “Undo Disable & Delete” option.)

If you no longer want your messages to be stored in iCloud, don’t worry because Apple has a solution for you.

To solve the problem, in addition to “disable and delete messages iCloud,” you can stop uploading messages to iCloud.

To accomplish this, all you gotta do is follow the steps outlined below:

Go to “Settings,” then “iCloud,” and turn off the “Messages” toggle. Messages will not be backed up later if you do this.

Just keep in mind that disabling ‘Messages’ in the iCloud will not delete any of your iCloud messages. It would only prevent further iCloud message uploads.

After you are done, you won’t have to worry about how to delete messages from iCloud because no new messages will be uploaded, and your messages will be permanently deleted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions as it relates to Messages on iCloud.

Q: On my iPhone, I unintentionally deleted a text message. What should I do?

A: Turn on Airplane Mode as soon as you can on your iPhone and any other iOS or Mac devices you may have.

If you act quickly enough, the deletion will not be synced with those other devices, and you will be able to view and respond to it.

Q: My iPhone is deleting text messages entirely on its own. What should I do?

A: Go to Settings > Messages > Keep Messages and make sure Forever is selected. Other options include 30 days and a year, after which your messages will be automatically deleted.

Q: How do I recover a deleted text message on my iPhone?

If you back up your iPhone to your computer, you can recover a deleted text message from a backup that predates the deletion.

You can either restore the entire backup (which may cause additional issues) or use a third-party app like iPhone Backup Extractor on your PC or Mac to find the message you need.


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