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How to Delete iFunny Account

How to Delete iFunny Account

iFunny is pretty much like social media, except it is mostly built around memes. Users can upload their content, comment on others’ content, share it, and even have friends called subscribers on the platform.

However, if you ever decide to leave the platform, here’s how to delete iFunny Account.

What is iFunny Account 

How to Delete iFunny Account

iFunny is a collection of funny GIFs, memes, and videos. Users can find friends in comment sections and create their meme collections.

There are more than 10 million users in the iFunny community, and iFunny falls under the entertainment category. 

iFunny’s Account is an entertainment website that helps users with gifs. Users can edit and create their gifs, and they can also create memes and short videos.

Additionally, users can share gifs on social media platforms, comment, and even share the created gifs.

Users also have the option to comment on posted gifs, memes, and videos. Users can also make friends in the comments section.

It can be viewed with or without an account, as most of the content is public and does not necessarily need an account to view.

You will need an account if you intend to chat, comment, and make friends on the platform. 

You can access content both online through the app and a mobile app. There is no verification that users are 13+ when entering the iFunny website or app.

iFunny has extensive “Community Standards for Content and Comments.”

Some things that can be posted are sex toys, pornography/nude sex acts used in a humorous context, drugs in a meme or humorous context, and dark humor (suicide jokes, mass shootings, etc.).

You can also search for content. So it’s easy to find anything on iFunny except hard porn.

Several foul language could be upsetting in the comments. Anything goes in the comments (the same goes for Instagram and other social platforms).

Although this app is in the entertainment category, it is very similar to social media, where you are free to upload any of your content, comment, and have friends.

There is no way to make the account private since it is public.

However, if you have an account, you can select the people who can chat with you, all users, only friends, or no one.

You can also enable Safe Mode, which only allows content that moderators have approved. 

How to Delete iFunny Account 

We expect relaxation and well-being during our free time. iFunny website is a good choice for users to get rid of their daily stress.

The website provides users with funny videos, memes, and gifs. But often, annoying emails and messages annoy users. Here’s how to delete iFunny Account

Step 1: Open an Email Account

Users should first open the email in which the luckier one is registered.

Step 2: Enter Your Email Address

After that, the user should write an email to the support team of iFunny. 

Step 3: Enter the Subject

After that, the user should enter the subject as MY ACCOUNT DELETE REQUEST.

Step 4: Enter the Reason for the Decision

Then the user should write the body of the email, including the reason for the decision.

Step 5: Click Submit

And finally, the user should click Submit. The deletion process will therefore be operated.

How to Delete iFunny Account Through the App

How to Delete iFunny Account

Users can also delete the iFunny Account from the app. However, users can only use this option on some devices.

Here are the steps for users to delete their Accounts using the app.

  • Users should open the iFunny app first.
  • Then click on the top menu and select “profile icon.”
  • After that, tap on “settings and privacy.”
  • Tap on “deactivate the account.”
  • Read the deactivation information page and click “deactivate.”
  • Enter a password when prompted.
  • Click “yes” to confirm the deactivation.

How to Delete iFunny Account on iPhone or Android Device

How to Delete iFunny Account

Users can delete the iFunny Account on Android or iPhone by uninstalling the app because most devices do not support account deactivation or deletion.

So users can uninstall the app and delete the Account.

How to Stop Annoying Emails or Messages

Users may find annoying messages as a reason to delete the iFunny Account. This can be remedied by clicking messages as spam or unsubscribing from emails.

Android and iPhone users can also turn off notifications in their settings.

This allows the user to use the iFunny Account without any inconvenience. In addition, users can try to delete the iFunny Account to stop spam.


Before now, how to delete an iFunny Account has been a thing of concern for some users as they find it very challenging. 

You can delete or deactivate your account using the above methods. 

If you found this post helpful, please share it with others. You can also tell us your thoughts in the comment section. 

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