How to Delete Badoo Account

Is Badoo unsuitable for you? Having trouble finding matches? Do you have a ton of unsolicited messages?

Then, it is important you know how to delete Badoo account, especially in cases where you are dissatisfied with their services, which is quite understandable.

Not only can you have bad experiences with dating apps, but there are also serious cases of data leaks and privacy infringement.

In this article, we will be looking at everything about Badoo and how to delete your account.

What Exactly Is Badoo?

Badoo combines a dating app and a social discovery app. It is available on iOS smartphones, Android devices, and desktop browsers.

It boasts over 345 million members globally – more than the whole population of the United States – and allows you to locate people in 190 countries and 47 languages.

According to Badoo, it is used in every country, and the typical user has 40 friends on it.

The purpose of Badoo is for users to communicate with others in their region and (if all goes well) arrange dates with one another.

Meeting people nearby, looking for individuals in different places across the world, swiping on people in your area, and finally, video chat, which users may utilize to connect with one another after communicating for a while.

How Does Badoo Function?

When you download Badoo, you’ll be prompted to sign up for an account (you can sign in with Facebook).

It will then take you through a one-time lesson on the main user interface and noteworthy features.

The main user interface, which appears when you launch Badoo, comprises a bottom navigation bar with four buttons that allow access to four essential features:

Find out who’s nearby (globe icon), Play to Match (cards icon), Message center (chat bubble icon), and Profile (profile icon) (person silhouette icon).

Discover who’s nearby displays Badoo users in your area. To examine a person, simply tap their image, and you will get a brief bio, the user’s location, verification information, and further photos if they are available.

You may always change your location, gender, and age range options by tapping the filter button on your screen’s top right corner of the “discover who is nearby” option.

Play to Match is similar to Tinder. It’s a section where you may see full-screen images of people you might be interested in; if so, simply swipe to the right on their photo.

You can also refuse by swiping to the left. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to see additional images of a person.

To access their full profile, simply tap on any of their photographs.

All of your connections are included in the Message Center. From here, you can communicate Badoo matches or friends.

On this screen, all connections are listed, and you can view them all by scrolling from the bottom up.

If you tap the All Connections button, you will see submenus conversations, visits, likes, and favorites if someone adds you to their favorites list.

Profile is where you can change your Badoo settings and account information, become verified by connecting another social profile to your Badoo (such as Facebook or Instagram), and receive additional credits and superpowers (more on these later).

Tap the edit button in the top right corner to add photographs (from your Facebook, Instagram, or camera roll) and basic information about yourself.

Is Badoo Free to Use?

Badoo is free to download and use, but you must pay to access premium features.

Baddo Super Powers

To activate premium functions (called Super Powers), such as the ability to see who favorited you, a three-month subscription for $24.99 is required (or a Lifetime Super Powers pass, which is a one-time purchase of $59.99 rather than a subscription plan).

There are also six-month, one-month, and one-week subscription choices. Payment options include credit card, Google Play (for Android), and PayPal.

Seven-Day Trial Period

There is a seven-day trial that allows you to see who liked you, communicate with popular people, unlock your favorites folder, modify your vote, go incognito, be the first to chat with new users, and have your chats appear at the top of other users’ Message Center.


You can also buy to rise up and gain popularity, but this will cost you credits. Credits range in price from $1.50 for 100 to $19.99 for 2,750 credits.

Other features you may buy with credits include extra shows when people swipe, more visits, displaying that you’re online, and so on.

How to Delete Badoo Account

While the app is fantastic for meeting new people, there are instances when you should uninstall it.

This might be because you’ve met someone or because you’ve grown tired of the app. Or it could be because the app is frequently reported to have poor privacy safeguards in place, putting your data at constant risk.

Whatever the cause, this post will show you how to permanently deactivate your Badoo account.

Because Badoo is available on a variety of devices, including Android, iOS, PC, and Mac, there are several ways to delete your account. This guide will cover all of them.

Before we begin, please keep in mind that your account will not be deleted immediately.

Instead, it will be deactivated for 30 days. While no one can see you at this period, it serves as an excellent backup in case you change your mind and want to continue using it later.

To begin, select your preferred platform. Now we’ll go over the various steps.

How to Delete Your Badoo Account on PC

To begin deleting your Badoo account on PC, sign in to your account using the Badoo website. With your email and password, this should be simple.

Next, navigate to your profile by clicking on your name in the top left corner of the screen. Then, select settings on the upper right-hand side of the account screen. When you click it, you’ll be directed to the account settings page.

Scroll to the bottom of your account to find the “Delete Account” option. When you click on it, a pop-up box will appear asking whether you are certain you want to delete the account.

There will be a slew of checkbox alternatives attempting to sway your decision; simply ignore them.

To keep you on the platform, Badoo will additionally provide you with a Premium discount. Reject it by selecting “Delete your account.”

Badoo will then inquire as to why you are deactivating your account. There are numerous reasons that you can fill out if you wish.

Alternatively, simply fill out your own form and click “Continue.” To complete the deletion, the platform will require you to input your password as well as some unique characters.

Do so, then click “Delete” once again, and it will be gone!

Remember that if you change your mind, you have 30 days to reclaim your account!

How to Delete Your Badoo Account on Android/iOS

While the PC steps were a little too numerous, the app uninstallation process is significantly simpler.

To begin, launch the Badoo app on your Android or iOS device. Go to your settings by selecting the option in the bottom left corner of your profile.

Go to account and select the phone number/email option from the screen. This will take you to a new page where you can remove your Badoo account.

On this page, you can log out of your account, change your password using the “forgot password?” option, and, lastly, delete your account permanently.

Click “Delete Account,” specify the cause for deletion (after navigating through a slew of advertising), then reject the premium offer and complete your account cancellation. You’ll see a confirmation window, and you’re done!


Badoo has been one of the most popular applications for meeting new people for many years.

Badoo is similar to Tinder, and it has connected many couples, flings, and friends. However, it is likely that you have determined that it is not for you for whatever reason.

In that situation, you should remove your account so that you are no longer a member of the community.

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