How to Delete All Alarms on iPhone

The clock app that comes built-in your iOS device is a handy feature. You get a stopwatch, a world clock, and an alarm, of course. 

Since it is elementary to use, it is not uncommon for your alarm list to spiral out of control because you are free to set as many alarms as you want. 

Before you know it, you have 40 alarms set up, and instead of reusing, editing, or deleting the existing ones, you keep adding new ones.

Read on to find out how to delete all alarms on iPhone and your iPad.

How to Delete All Alarms on iPhone With Siri

Another disadvantage of the Clock app is that there is no easy way to open it and delete all your alarms at once. 

Even though this appears to be a basic feature, it is not currently available.

If you want to delete all of the alarms in the Clock app, you’ll need Siri’s assistance.

Call on Siri on your iPhone or iPad, and then say, “Hey Siri, delete all my alarms.”

Siri will then ask if you’re certain. Confirm by saying or tapping it.

Then, you’ll see and hear Siri say something like “OK, no more alarms” or something similar.

And it’s as simple as that! Siri will remove all of your alarms from the Clock app.

Some users have reported issues with Siri deleting all of their alarms. 

This appears to occur when you have a large number of alarms. 

If Siri responds, “Sorry, something is wrong. Please try again,” you’ll need to repeat the process.

Most likely, some of the alarms will have been deleted, but not all of them. 

So just keep on repeating the process until they’re all gone.

How to Delete Individual Alarms in the Clock App on Your iPhone

Of course, if you’d prefer, you can choose which alarms to delete from the Clock app. 

And if we didn’t demonstrate how, this article wouldn’t be complete.

Open the clock app on your iPhone and go through the following procedures:

  • Tap Delete after moving the alarm’s cursor from right to left.
  • After selecting the red minus sign with the Edit button, tap Delete.
  • After selecting the alarm with the Edit button, tap Delete Alarm.

How to Use Siri to Create and Manage Alarms

Working with alarms is a simple task for Siri. In actuality, alarms are among the best Siri short-cuts.

It’s a quick task, and Siri can understand you just fine most of the time, and it’s better than tapping away in the Clock app.

You could tell Siri to set an alarm telling it to go off at a certain time by saying, “Hey Siri! Set an alarm for 6:30 a.m.”

You could tell Siri to set an alarm for 45 minutes time by saying, “Hey Siri, set an alarm in 30 minutes time,” or “Set an alarm for 9 a.m on weekends.” 

You can activate an alarm that is already set to go off at a specific time with a command like “Siri! Turn on my 7 a.m alarm.”

Say something like, “Delete my 6 a.m alarm,” to remove an alarm. Try “Turn off my 11 a.m alarm” to stop an alarm. 

Use the phrase “Change my alarm to 10 a.m” to change an alarm.

If Siri is unsure which alarm you want to enable, delete, or modify, it will request more information.


It is important to avoid letting your use of the iPhone or iPad’s Clock app as an alarm spiral out of control. 

You can modify and reuse alarms for various times, or you can simply delete the ones you won’t use again.

At least you now know how to remove several inactive alarms from your iPhone or iPad at once.

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