How to Delete a Table in Google Docs

Creating a table within your Google Doc allows you to present information in an easy-to-understand way. 

However, you may discover that the table is no longer required. 

Perhaps you ended up writing sections that covered every feature of the table, rendering the table obsolete. 

Alternatively, you may have utilized the table to organize your thoughts and need to remove it before submitting the final Google Doc.

This article will look at how to delete a table in Google Docs.

How to Delete a Table in Google Docs on Windows

It takes less than a minute to delete a table.

Locate the table you want to delete in your document.

To open a pop-up box, right-click a cell within the table.

Choose “Delete Table.”

This method can also be used to delete rows or columns while leaving the remainder of the table intact. 

In these circumstances, right-click a cell within the row or column you want to delete and select Delete.

How to Delete a Table in Google Docs via Chromebook

If you’re using a Chromebook to access your Google Doc, follow these instructions to delete a table.

Launch your Google Doc.

Right-click on any cell in the table that you want to delete.

From the list of alternatives, select “Delete Table.”

This method can also be used to delete rows and columns if you right-click a cell within the row or column you want to remove.

How to Delete a Table in Google Docs on Mac

Because Google Docs is a browser-based application, working with it on a Mac is identical to doing so on a PC. Use this method to delete Google Docs tables on a Mac.

Go to the “Format” option in the top-left corner of your Google Doc after opening it.

Select “Table” under “Format” on the menu.

Select “Delete Table.”

Using this technique, you can delete rows and columns as well.

How to Delete a Table in Google Docs on iPhone

The Apple App Store offers Google Docs as a stand-alone application.

If you’ve downloaded the app and made a document with a table in it, you may simply erase the table by following these instructions.

Select the document you want to modify by opening the Google Docs app.

You can delete a table by tapping it.

Choose the gray bar that is displayed adjacent to the row or column you selected.

Selecting “Delete table.”

After tapping the gray bar, if the “Delete table” option is not visible, push the right arrow that appears in the menu to bring it up.

How to Delete a Table in Google Docs on Android

For Android devices, Google provides a dedicated Google Docs app through the Play Store. 

Use these instructions to delete the table if you have the app and have used it to produce a document that contains one.

Locate your document in the Google Docs app by opening it.

Within the table of your choice, tap any cell.

From the menu that opens, choose “More.” Three vertical dots are used to symbolize this selection.

Select “Delete Table.”

How to Delete a Table in Google Docs on iPad

The App Store contains a Google Docs app designed exclusively for Apple devices. 

These methods allow you to delete a table from a document after you’ve created it.

Open Google Apps and navigate to the document containing the table you want to remove.

Tap on the table

Choose the gray bar that appears adjacent to the column or row that you’ve chosen.

Select “Delete Table” from the menu. If you don’t see this option, pick the gray bar and then hit the right arrow in the menu that appears.

Following these procedures, you can also delete the row or column you tapped by selecting the relevant option.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Delete a Table Without Deleting the Text?

The best technique to remove a Google Docs table without losing the text is to delete the table’s borders. 

To remove the borders from a table, follow these instructions.

1. Open the Google Doc containing the table you wish to change.

2. Right-click your table and choose “Table Properties” from the menu that appears.

3. Choose the “Table Border Width” option from the drop-down menu.

4. Select “0 pt.”

5. Click “OK” to save your document’s changes.

You should now view all of your table’s contents without any of the boundaries that previously separated them.


Regardless of the device or Google Docs version you use, deleting a table in Google Docs is a fairly simple procedure. The procedure often lasts only a minute.

What do you think about deleting tables from Google Docs? 

Have you ever needed to delete a table but were unsure how to go about it? 

Do you believe Google should add more table-manipulation features in the next Google Docs releases? 

Kindly share your thoughts in the space provided below.

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