How to Delete a LinkedIn Post

Are you wondering how to delete a LinkedIn post, and you don’t know how to?

Well, in this article, we look at all you need to know about LinkedIn, including how to delete posts on the social media platform popularly known for its white-collar usage.

About LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media platform similar to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and a slew of others. And, like most social media networks, LinkedIn is owned by a large technology corporation — Microsoft.

Launched in 2003, LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that helps people make professional connections, share their experiences and resumes, and also find jobs.

Despite its professional orientation, LinkedIn is very similar to social networking sites such as Facebook. It is based on principles such as connecting with friends, posting updates, sharing and liking posts and images, etc.

LinkedIn also gives ideas from Facebook a professional spin. For example, your profile can be transformed into a resume, complete with job experience, achievements, recommendations, and colleagues’ referrals.

The site also has features that you won’t find anywhere else, such as a comprehensive career deck where you can search and apply for jobs.

Many employment services are now LinkedIn-compatible — when applying for a job, you could be able to share your LinkedIn profile, which means you won’t have to enter your work experience into an application portal tediously.

Why is LinkedIn Important

Honestly, It goes without saying that LinkedIn is a useful tool for professional networking and job searching.

Many people use the site to expand their contacts and discover career opportunities, and the site’s Jobs section is an effective and great way to find and apply for jobs. LinkedIn has settings that allow you to notify recruiters that you are actively job searching.

Some people use LinkedIn to boost their professional reputation by posting in the news feed and commenting on the posts of others.

LinkedIn Premium is a subscription-based version of LinkedIn that includes features such as online professional development classes, insights into who is checking out your profile, and the option to message anyone on LinkedIn, even if they are not part of your network.

How to Add Interests to LinkedIn Profile

You can also include interests on your LinkedIn profile, which may be worthwhile.

LinkedIn interests include news sources, Influencers, enterprises, schools, and organizations that you follow on the platform. This is useful because it informs other users of your interests and can even help you make new connections with people that share your interests.

Read on if you’re wondering how to add interests to your LinkedIn profile.

1. Log in to with your username and password.

2. Via the search bar at the top of your screen, find a person, company, or topic of interest and click to go to their profile page.

3. Click the Follow button on the person’s or company’s profile page. The company, person, or topic will now be added to your list of interests.

How to View and Add Your LinkedIn Connections’ Interests

You can also view the interests of your connections or any profile on LinkedIn.

Visit the profile page of the person whose interests you’d like to see. Scroll down to see the companies, topics, and people they are interested in.

Then, a window will appear which you can add interests by clicking the Follow button directly. A check mark will then appear next to the group or company’s name if you are already following one of their interests.

If there are too many to display on the main profile page, click on See all.

How to Upload your resume on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn, can be a very LinkedIn can be a very useful tool for getting your name in front of the right hiring managers. It can also help when applying for jobs directly, especially the thousands listed on the site.

It’s always important to have a resume uploaded to your profile in order to fully utilize and maximize LinkedIn. What you’ll need to do is as follows.

LinkedIn Resume Submission

It is worth noting that if you don’t have a resume ready, you can use LinkedIn’s download feature, which converts all of the information on your profile into a PDF resume.

However, a downloaded resume is unlikely to be as aesthetically pleasing as the one you created yourself, and it will almost certainly be longer than you desire. Uploading a customized resume to your profile allows you to tailor your employment information to better fit the job you’re applying for, ensuring that you stand out in the right places. The same is true when applying for a job.

How to Add a Resume to Your LinkedIn Profile

1. Visit the LinkedIn website and, if necessary, log in to your account.

2. In the top toolbar, beneath your profile photo, click the Me tab.

3. Select View Profile from the drop-down menu that appears.

4. Now, scroll down to the Featured section and, if you haven’t already, click the Add featured link. If you have, click the plus + icon to the left of the pencil icon at the top-right of the box.

If you don’t see the Featured section, it’s possible that it’s disabled. In that case, go to the top of your profile and choose Add Section, then Featured, and finally Media. You can then proceed to step 6 of this guide.

5. Otherwise, if you have the Featured section and have clicked Add featured or the plus + icon, select Media from the drop-down menu that appears.

6. Locate the resume document you want to upload in the file upload window that appears. Click it and then choose Open.

7. A preview of the document, as well as boxes for your resume’s Title and Description, will appear. Only the Title is necessary.

8. After you’ve completed the title and description, click Save. 

How to Delete a LinkedIn Post

Here’s how to delete a LinkedIn post on PC.

Log in to your LinkedIn account.

In your feed, locate the utility deck at the top of your screen where you have Home, My Network, Messaging, Notifications, and Me

Click on Me, a drop-down menu will then appear.

Scroll down to Posts & Activity and click on it.

At the beginning of the page, you will see a rounded box with the words All activity, Articles, Posts, Documents.

Click on Posts. All your posts should appear.

Navigate to the post you would like to delete and,

Click on the three-dotted more icon located in the top right corner of your post

Click Delete post from the dropdown.

Click Delete to confirm.

How to Delete a LinkedIn Post From Your Feed

Locate the post you want to delete in your LinkedIn home feed.

Click the More icon in the top right corner of the post.

Click Delete post from the dropdown.

Click Delete to confirm.

How To Delete a LinkedIn Post on iPhone and Android.

Open the LinkedIn app on your phone.

Click on your picture in the top left corner of your screen. A menu should open; click on view profile.

Navigate down to the activity section and click on show all activity.

Click on Posts and Locate the post you want to delete.

Click on the three-dotted more icon located in the top right corner of your post.

Click Delete post from the dropdown.

Click Delete to confirm.


LinkedIn, when maximized properly, can connect you with opportunities all around the world in and outside your field.

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